Above Ground Pool Liners

Above ground pool liners are specifically designed for use in above ground pools.  They are an important part of your swimming pool and should be given some consideration.  A liner provides a protective layer between the pool water and the base structure of your pool, which is usually metal, plastic or wood.

above ground pool liners

Liners come in a range of colors, the most common being solid blue.  Patterns and unique prints are also available that range from sophisticated checkered mosaics to graphic prints of fish or other sea animals.  There are several options available depending that should please every pool owner.

Liners are an affordable way to customize your pool and create that perfect look that your friends and family will admire.  Imagine a deep blue theme with coral, fish and an elegant blue light for highlighting.  Your imagination really can go to work when choosing a liner and lighting.

The quality of above ground pool liners can generally be judged by the thickness of the material.  A thick liner will generally withstand more wear and tear, resist rips and tears and last longer.  They are measured in either gauges or mil. the most common gauges are 20, 25 and 30 gauge or 18, 22, 26 mil.  A good liner will provide many years of worry free protection and swimming enjoyment.  Most have a warranty that exceeds 20 years and are treated to withstand years of harsh weather including; sun, ice, snow and rain.

Above Ground Pool Liner Maintenance

It’s important to keep sharp objects away from your pool at all times including glass.  Liners can withstand a lot of pressure and variations in heat but they are susceptible to being punctured or cut.

It's inevitable that liners will break down or be damaged over time with regular use.  Most pool liner repair can be completed with a little knowledge and a repair kit.  It will save you time and money so it's worth considering before replacing the entire liner.  If you are uncomfortable we suggest contacting a pool professional.

A pool liner repair kit can be used to fix those small rips or tears that show up in liner over time.  The earlier you get to them the better since they tend to worsen over time.  Always consider the size and complexity of the job if you aren't comfortable you can always hire a local pool professional.

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