Replacement Hot Tub Covers

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A replacement hot tub cover is something that needs to be purchased or replaced at one time or another.  After years of use and exposure to the elements they can fade or tear which can cause it to look old and weathered as well as reduce the integrity of the cover that can lead to heat loss and also present a safety hazard. 

replacement hot tub covers

A cover serves many purposes and an old worn out one can be a headache as well as pose a safety hazard.  If the cover doesn't fit properly it can let valuable and expensive heat to escape that will increase heating costs and leave you with a less than ideal temperature when you step in for a relaxing soak. 

If you have little ones that have access to the hot tub its important to have a securely fitting cover with a locking strap or latch.  All children are curious by nature and preventing them from getting into the hot tub when they aren't supervises is very important to prevent accidental drowning. 

The most important consideration when choosing a replacement hot tub cover is the size.  If the cover isn't sized properly you can will lose a substantial amount of heat in addition to losing water through evaporation.  It can be costly to heat and maintain a hot tub so it's more than worth putting a bit of extra time in to ensure that the cover fits snug. 

Replacement Hot Tub Cover Options

In addition to finding the right size to fit your hot tub you will no doubt want to find a cover that matches in color.  Many of the top manufacturers of covers will have different colors to choose from so you should be able to find something that matches,  the common colors you will find are grey, beige and red 

Another option when considering a replacement hot tub cover is a solar blanket.  A solar blanket will keep heat in for short durations but it's important that it's not used on its own because it won't keep children out.  A solar blanket is ideal to use in addition to a solid cover and will provide an extra layer of insulation especially in cold climates. 

Cover locks or clips are a great idea for added security when placing your cover for extended periods.  They allow for an extra snug fit for insulating purposes as well as prevents anyone from entering the hot tub uninvited.  If your hot tub is easily accessible this is something that should be seriously considered. 

Hot Tub Cover Lift and Caddy

A hot tub cover lift is a great investment for any spa owner that wants to enjoy the convenience of an attached holder for your cover.  A lift will turn the chore of removing the cover into a quick and easy task.  Lift caddies are designed to work with almost any existing hot tub and can be installed in as little as a few minutes. 

They attached to the outside wall of your hot tub quite easily and most models have an under-cabinet design so it can be conveniently places out of the way yet accessible for every day use.  The arms of the lift are often adjustable to suit different thicknesses so you can be sure that it works with your unique cover.  Gas assisted springs are a plus and will ensure that the cover is stowed away neatly and safely. 

Most replacement hot tub covers are built to withstand several years of use with an industry standard of 5 years warranty. Look for quality materials and ensure you have the right size for your hot tub.  

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