Above Ground Pool Heater

An above ground pool heater is an affordable and lightweight option for creating warm and inviting water that will allow you to enjoy your pool into the night and later in the season.  They use the suns energy and convert it to heat for your pool which means they are very cost effective and environmentally friendly!

above ground pool heaterGAME SolarPRO Solar Pool Heater

Placing the solar heater in an area that receives at least 6 - 8 hours of sun will produce enough energy to heat your pool.  Since they are portable they can be moved easily and placed in an area that receives the most sun if that changes during the swimming season.

This heating process is slower than gas or electric heaters but eventually you will notice a substantial temperature increase.  Temperature increase will vary depending on the size of your pool and amount of sunlight but you can expect an average increase of 10F(5c) over a few days.  A solar pool water heater combined with a swimming pool solar cover will provide free long lasting heat all summer long!

Above Ground Pool Heater Installation

They are easy to install and can be done by just about anyone.  Water from your pool enters the heater and as it passes through receives heat energy from sunlight.  This process takes your cooler pool water and returns heated water back into your pool. 

Most units will work with any pool that has an existing pump-operated water filter system.  The size of the fitting will need to match so just to be on the safe side double check the size you need for your specific salt water system.  Adapters are often included so you will be able to fit it to your existing unit with no problems. 

A portable pool heater is an excellent investment.  For a very reasonable cost it will provide years of free heat for your pool that will allow for comfortable relaxing temperatures at night time when it cools off and extend your swimming season.

Technology has advanced tremendously in recent years.  An above ground pool heater is built to last and most are guaranteed to last in excess of 5 - 10 years.  This means that you will have years of worry free heat for your pool.  Most solar heaters are maintenance free, easy to install and start working the moment you set them up!

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