Hot Tub Lighting

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Hot tub lighting will help create the perfect ambiance for your night time soak with the many unique products available.  Whether you are looking to light up your hot tub with something different or replace your existing lighting there are several options available.  With the latest in advanced lighting technology a single light bulb can emit multiple colors and even be programmed to run through a series of multicolored light shows. 

hot tub lighting

If you have owned your hot tub for several years chances are the lights have faded or burned out and needs to be replaced.  You can replace the old bulbs with new lights that are brighter and more energy efficient you just need to make sure the bulb is compatible with your existing hardware. 

Another option if you want to add some lighting is to use a portable or floating light that doesn't require any installation or electrical knowledge.  This style of lighting can be used instead of your hardwired lighting or it can supplement your existing lights.  The advances in solar technology in recent years have lead to some great options that are pretty enticing with their multiple color displays and to top it off they are very affordable.  

Whether you are looking for an upgrade to your existing lights, replacing old and burnt out bulbs or you want something unique that will have the neighbours in awe there is something for every hot tub owner.  We'll go through all the options starting with lighting systems and work our way to some fun and colorful lights that will turn your hot tub into more than just a place to soak. 

Hot Tub Lighting Systems

A hot tub lighting system is a great option if you want to update the existing lights in your hot tub with the latest in lighting technology.  There are both white and coloured lights that will either add color or create a soft white glow.  The cool part is you have the option of controlling the lights from a remote device with the touch of a button or the flick of a switch. 

LED Lighting 

Light emitting diode lighting is quickly becoming the most popular choice for pool and hot tub owners because of their energy efficiency and ability to create stunning light effects in a single bulb.  Inside one LED bulb there are many tiny lights so you have the option of many vibrant colors packed into one convenient bulb or a soft white light.  

Most LED lights are rated to last in excess of 5000 hours so you can be sure that you won't have to change your lights again for a long time.  In addition to their long life you won't be left in the dark because an LED light will emit the equivalent of a 300 watt white incandescent light bulb. 

Floating Hot Tub Lights

If you want a simple and easy addition you might want to consider adding portable lights that float freely on the surface of your spa while creating stunning light shows and effects.  This style of hot tub lighting is appealing to some hot tub owners because they don't need to be hardwired and are powered either by batteries or through solar energy.

Floating solar lights harness energy from the sun during the day and last up to 12 hours through the night.  These lights work great in addition to existing lighting and usually aren't adequate to provide light on their own unless you want something that is a bit softer. 

There are many hot tub lighting options when it comes to upgrading, replacing or adding color to your favourite place to relax.  It's important to remember that when you are working with electricity around water that you use caution and if you are unsure you should contact a pool professional or electrician. 

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