Pool Solar Cover Reel

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A sturdy pool solar cover reel will make covering your pool a snap and save you valuable time. It can be a tedious task when trying to remove your cover by yourself can often lead to debris ending up in your pool that nobody wants to deal with. 

pool solar cover reelBest Choice Products Pool Solar Cover Reel

A hand crank reel will roll your cover off uniformly and stow it away neatly until you are finished swimming. When you are finished enjoying your pool you can unwind the roll to keep dirt and debris out for the next time you enjoy a refreshing dip in your salt water pool.

The most important thing you need to do when purchasing a pool solar cover reel is to measure the width and length of your pool. There are some models that have adjustable widths but most have a set length so be sure to find one that is at least a foot longer than the width of your pool. 

The solar pool cover should be compatible with the reel and it will often specify which thickness it will accommodate. The most common are 8-12 mm and you shouldn't need anything thicker than that. The solar blanket and reel are often sold separately so this is something that should be considered when purchasing. There are few important options that you should also consider that will make your life a lot easier. 

Pool Solar Cover Reel Options

The most common type of cover reel you will find is fitted with a hand crank system that can easily be used by one person. Simply crank it clockwise or counterclockwise to wind up or out and since solar blankets are lightweight this can be done by almost any pool owner. 

If you prefer an automated system there are reels that operate on electrical power and usually come with a handy device that can roll or unroll with a touch of a button. If you prefer an electric pool cover you can count on the ultimate in ease and simple cover usage. 

If you prefer a manual cover reel you might want to consider a system that has wheels that allows for easy portability that can be handy for sturgeon the offseason or even just to clean up and provide more room on your pool deck. It's nice to be able to move the reel during a party or family get together to open up more space to enjoy your pool. 

If you live in a climate that experiences rain or fluctuating weather conditions you will want to make sure the pool solar cover reel is made of weather resistant materials such as a sturdy poly or aluminum. This will ensure the reel lasts many years and you can be sure you don't need to replace it anytime soon. 

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