Above Ground Pool Pump

An above ground pool pump is an important part of your pool filter system because it provides circulation and filtration to keep a pool healthy.  It will ensure that the water in your pool circulates from your pool through a filter and heater which will keep it clean and warm.  This means that water from the pool is cleaned and heated and then returned back into the pool to be enjoyed by swimmers.

above ground pool pump

Since above ground pools are generally smaller in size than inground pools, the pump can be smaller which means it will be more economical.  A smaller pump will cost less to run because it requires less electricity to operate. If you plan on using an above ground pool heater or complex plumbing you may have to use a larger pump than recommended. 

Sizing for an above ground pool pump is a lot easier than sizing for inground pools.  Most manufacturers will list the maximum pool size suited for the pump in gallons.  It will also be noted if the pump is intended for above ground pools or ingound pools.  This is usually sufficient for sizing but if you want to learn more you can read our page on pool pump sizing.  

Above Ground Pool Pump Considerations

It’s a good idea to use the smallest pump and filter system for your pool that will still circulate your pool sufficiently.  It's a bit of a balancing act because you don't want to have a pump that is too small that could lead to inadequate circulation and ultimately resulting in an unhealthy pool.  You may also have to run the pump for longer times that will defeat the purpose of saving money by buying a smaller pump. 

An above ground pool pump that is purchased together with a filter as a package will ensure you have a pump rated to work with your filter.  If you purchase your pump and filter separately it's important to make sure they will work together.  If the pump is forcing water through the filter too fast or slow you will be comprising the quality of filtration and could cause damage or shorten the life of either the filter or pump.

Most above ground pool owners will find it a lot more convenient to purchase a filter system and most pools are sold in kits that include everything needed to get your pool up and running.  Additional upgrades are available that include adding a heater or a salt water system. 

Salt water systems are available for above ground pools and are increasing in popularity every year.  The reduced maintenance and all the other benefits of a salt water swimming pool make it a great choice for pool owners.  Heaters for above ground pools are usually in the form of solar heaters.  The water is circulated through heater coils that harness energy from the sun during daylight hours. 

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