Above Ground Pool Pumps

An above ground pool pump is an important part of any healthy pool system because it provides both water circulation and filters out microscopic dirt and debris. The filter and pump is combined in one simple unit instead of two separate components as you would commonly find in an inground pool. As water is pumped in and out of the pool it also passes through the internal filter that is either comprised of filter papers or filter sand that help keep your pool crystal clear and sanitized all season long. 

above ground pool pump

Above ground pools are generally smaller in nature and in turn require less water to be circulated to maintain a healthy pool. This simple pump and filter process means the devices are smaller and more affordable than an inground systems. The above ground pool pump and filter still need to be sized properly so make sure to find one that is rated for your pool, most manufacturers will list the maximum pool size suited for the pump in gallons. If you are wanting to convert your pool to salt water you simply add a salt water chlorine generator for above ground pools.

Types of Above Ground Pool Pumps

When purchasing a filter and pump system for your above ground pool you just want to make sure that the pool can turnover enough water to keep it filtered adequately and safe for anyone using the pool. A symptom of an undersized pump is cloudy water or water that just never seems to get clean. Another reason to buy a pump that's slightly oversized for your above ground pool is so you can give the circulation system a boost during times of high user load or rainfall when chemistry can fluctuate. 

Intex Cartridge Filter Pump <6000 Gallons

The Intex Cartridge Filter Pump is specifically designed for above ground pools. It's incredibly easy to operate and the only maintenance required is rinsing the filter cartridge as often as required which is usually ever 2-3 weeks. The pump can be operated for up to 8 hours per day and is suitable for above ground pools up to 6000 gallons in size. The hose fittings are 1.25" diameter and work with the smaller Intex pools but if you do require larger fittings you can purchase a hose adapter that's easy to install.   

Intex Cartridge Filter Pump <9400 Gallons

The Intex Cartridge Filter Above Ground Pool Pump boasts a 1,500 GPG flow rate making it ideal for pools up to 9,400 gallons. This double insulated pool pump can be preset to operate on 2 to 12 hour cycles so you can set it and forget about it. It also features an air release valve, sediment flush valve and one Hydro Aeration Technology fitting. This unit comes with an easy to clean filter that should be cleaned every 2-3 weeks and replaced if needed. Enjoy improved circulation and water quality with this reliable unit. 

Intex Sand Filter Pump <8400 Gallons

This is the smallest sand filter and pump combination release by Intex and it still can handle pools up to 8,400 gallons. There are larger units available that can provide enough circulation and filtering for pools up to 19,600 gallons! The Intex Sand Filter Pump is an industry leader when it comes to above ground pool pumps and for good reason. The features include a 6 function sand filter including; backwash, rinse and drain settings. The digital timer automatically turns the pump on and of each day on up to 12 hour cycles. Includes 1.25" connector hoses and a 25 foot power cord.

A salt water system for above ground pools is a great idea and increasing in popularity every year because of the soft water and reduced chemical balancing. All the other benefits of a salt water pools make it a great choice for pool owners that want luxurious water and less headaches. You may also want to consider an above ground pool heater that converts solar power to slowly increase the temperature of the pool water. As the water is circulated through heater coils it harnesses energy from the sun during daylight hours and the best part, it's free.


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