Pool Pumps

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Pool pumps are the core of any salt water pool or spa system because they keep everything running and water circulating day after day. A properly sized pump will provide years of use and help keep your water clean, healthy and heated while being the most energy efficient for your unique pool and accessories. 

pool pumps

The process of pool water pumps is really quite simple. Water is drawn into the pump by the suction created by the motor. A trap basket collects larger pieces of debris before entering the pump. The trap basket should be checked periodically and can be emptied very easily. Water is then pulled through to the impeller and forced out of the pump where it is forced through the filter, heater and chlorine generator and eventually ends up back in your pool.

Although the process is simple to understand, swimming pool pumps can be confusing and it can be difficult finding the right size of pump and it's important to choose the right pump for your pool. An oversized pump will cost you hundreds of dollars a year in unnecessary electrical costs. An undersized pump could lead to improper cleaning and lead to an unhealthy swimming pool.

Most pool owners use a pump that is too big for their pool and end up using more electricity than they need to. There are several factors that need to be considered when looking at pool pump sizing for your unique swimming pool system. 

Sizing can be a bit confusing but it's worth taking the time to figure out what you really need. There are several factors that include total dynamic head and flow rate that are affected by plumbing, equipment and any additional hardware like a water feature or a cleaner. 

Best Pool Pumps

There are different pumps for different jobs and we are pretty sure there's a pump for everyone it's just a matter of finding the right one that fits your pool and unique demands. A variable speed pump is without a doubt the best investment you can make for your pool because of the long term energy savings and whisper quiet operation that can be carried out all day and night. 

Single Speed Pumps

A single speed pump is the most common pump for swimming pools. It runs at a constant speed that can be set to a timer using a separate pool pump timer. It's important to find a pump that's adequate for your pool to circulate and create enough chlorine from the salt in your pool. 

Variable Speed Pumps

A variable speed pump will save up to 80% in energy savings. They have the ability to run at different speeds so you can customizer your pool circulation based on the demand of your pool. Variable speeds are ideal for salt water pools because they allow you to run the pump all day at a lower speed which creates a healthier pool with much less energy required. 

Pump Alternative and Accessories

In addition to your main pump that will keep everything running smoothly, you may need a separate pump for a few different reasons including a waterfall or self contained pool vacuum. If you want complete automation of your salt water pool you might want to consider a timer to keep everything running on the same schedule everyday. 

booster pump

Pool Booster Pumps

Pool booster pumps are required for some cleaners or pool sweeps that require that extra bit of pressure that can't be provided by the main pump alone. The added suction required to operate some cleaners effectively can't be supplied by some single speed pumps. A two speed pump or separate booster pump are the only option. 

pool timer

Pool Pump Timer

A pool pump timer is a device that regulates when your pump and other components of your pool system operate. Most pool owners set the timer to operate their water pump 4 - 8 hours a day. They are a great addition to any swimming pool pumps system because they regulate circulation times and take the guesswork out of it. 

water feature pump

Waterfall Pump

A waterfall pump is a pump specifically designed to operate a separate waterfall, fountain or water feature - that won't compromise your pool system. Create an amazing water display that compliments your swimming pool and backyard area. 

pool shed

Pool Pump Shed

A pool pump shed will protect your pump and other outdoor equipment from harsh weather conditions and provide a safe place to store your pump, accessories and other valuables. They are available in synthetic materials and steel or you can construct your own to your liking. 

Submersible Pool Pump

A submersible pool pump is an incredibly handy device that can be used to removed water that has collected on your cover. It can also be used to removed water during closing of your swimming pool or hot tub. You simply plug them in and let them drain to a safe draining area.

Pool pumps are the heart of your salt water pool and one of the most important decisions you can make about purchasing pool hardware. We hope the information help you make an informed decision. 

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