Pool Booster Pump

A pool booster pump is required for cleaners that run separately from your existing pool system. A separate pump allows a vacuum cleaner to work at its peak efficiency or a water feature to produce adequate water pressure. It ensures that the vacuum has its maximum suction and allows high quality and efficient cleaning.

pool booster pump

It's important to choose a pump that is efficient and appropriate for the task or equipment it will be supplying power and pressure. A pump that is underpowered will not provide adequate pressure and either cause the cleaner to operate ineffectively or require longer running times that will cost more money. An overpowered pump could damage the cleaner in extreme cases and cost more to run than a properly sized pump.

Although most cleaners that operate separate from your pool system provide quality cleaning, you might want to consider other great options. These cleaners don’t require a separate pump and work just as well or better in some cases. Simply attach to your existing pool system and timer for low maintenance cleaning. A pressure side or suction side pump uses the pressure and power from your the pump in your existing salt water pool system.

Most pool booster pumps are designed for a specific cleaner and you should consider this also. It is possible to use a different brand booster pump with an existing cleaner or vice versa but check to ensure they are compatible. Most pumps come with an installation kit that allows for relatively easy installation and hook up, and always read the manual that is included to avoid costly headaches down the road.

Pool Booster Pump Installation

Installation kits usually include a flexible attachment hose and hardware. It should specify the size of piping that its compatible with, and is usually 1 ½” in diameter. If the sizing isn't correct there are adapters that can be found in most hardware storers or pool supply stores. 

If the hassle of installing a separate pump isn't an option for you then you might want to consider a pool cleaner robot. It is an automatic cleaner that can be controlled by a remote control. It will clean every inch of your pool while you sit back, relax and enjoy. 

Installation of a pool booster pump is usually as easy as finding an appropriate power source. An option for low maintenance is to have it running off a timer, a timer that runs your pool will allow for simultaneous operation whenever your pool is operating.

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