Pressure Pool Cleaners

A pressure pool cleaner or pressure side pool cleaner is designed to operate using forced water created by the existing pool water pump that circulates water throughout your pool. The forced water is channeled to the cleaner when required either through a dedicated line that runs from a separate booster pump or is channeled off of the return line of the pool circulation system. An alternative is to use a suction side pool cleaner which draws power to operate and vacuum from the suction power created when drawing water via the existing circulation system. 

pressure pool cleaner

If you have the ability to run a cleaner from your pressure line and your pump is capable of creating enough pressure, this type of cleaner can be effective and energy efficient. The amount of suction will depend on the size of the pump and cleanliness of your filter system. There are models of pressure cleaners that are designed to work with lower pressure that are ideal for existing pool pumps. Most top rated pressure pool cleaners are designed to work with a separate booster pump that delivers 30 psi or more. 

5 Best Pressure Pool Cleaners

The best pressure pool cleaners all have a few things in common and that's their ability to get the pool surfaces clean, eliminate debris by collecting it in an onboard debris bag and doing it in as little as 2 or 3 hours. A separate booster pump guarantees that the cleaner will have enough pressure power to get the dirtiest pools clean and keep them that way so you can enjoy a clean pool all season long. 

1.  Polaris P39 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

The Polaris P39 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner combines legendary performance and superior suction power to provide crystal clear water and an ultra clean pool. It's perfect for in ground pools of all surface types with its patented cleaning scrubbers that tackle pool floors and walls with ease. It's best to use a Polaris Booster Pump that's sold separately to ensure optimum suction and cleaning power that won't compromise your pools existing circulation system. 

2.  Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 Pressure Cleaner

If you're looking for a versatile, powerful and reliable vacuum to keep just about any size pool clean all season long the Polaris 380 Pressure Pool Cleaner is an excellent choice. It features triple jets that provide superior cleaning in less time than other brands. It sweeps, scrubs and vacuums the floor and walls with ease. It runs off a separate booster pump and is equipped with a single chamber filter bag and includes 31 feet of flexible feed hose. 

3.  Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pressure Cleaner

The Polaris 280 Pressure Pool Cleaner is an affordable option that's part of the very successful vac-sweep line of cleaners by the industry leading in underwater vacuums. It's ideal for just about any inground pool and is ready to connect to a dedicated 1.5" dedicated pressure cleaning line or booster pump. It includes 31 feet of flexible feed hose. The 3-wheel design allows for optimal sweeping and scrubbing of different shapes and designs of pools. 

4.  Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport utilizes the pressure from a separate booster pump to deliver 50% more torque. This added boost along with the all-wheel PosiDrive system leads to arguably the best cleaning vacuum on the market for the price. The sport model includes the popular TailSweep Pro, providing top notch sweeping power while also eliminating water from spraying outside the pool. Includes 5 litre debris bag and 31 feet of flexible hose.

5.  Zodiac Black Max Vac-Sweep 280

The Zodiac Black Max Vac-Sweep 280 is one of the sleekest looking pressure side cleaners on the market and delivers top north performance to go along with the modern design. It works with a Polaris boost pump for unmatched cleaning in almost any inground pool. It will have your pool looking sparkling clean in as little as a few hours with the patented floor and wall scrubbing brushes. It comes with 31 feet of flexible connecting feed hose.

How a Pressure Pool Cleaner Works

A pressure pool pump utilizes the pressure created from your existing pool pump or a separate pool booster pump. A certain portion of the pressure is diverted and used to propel the cleaner and create the vacuum that ultimately collects the debris it tracks over. This is carried out in a random pattern and stir debris up from your pool bottom. The dirt and debris is vacuumed into the attached collection bag that can be emptied like a regular vacuum cleaner after the cleaning cycle is completed. 

It’s important to consider the required pressure for different models of cleaners. While some suction cleaners will operate effectively using the pressure from your pool system, others require added pressure that can only be produced by a separate pool booster pump. Ultimately, if there isn’t enough pressure, the effectiveness of the cleaner will be compromised.

An added advantage of a pressure or return pool cleaner is that while they clean they also distribute clean, filtered, water around your pool which increases circulation and improves the overall health of your pool. Another advantage is they are equipped with their own vacuum bag that collects dirt and debris which improves cleanliness and also lightens the load on your pool filter.


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