Pressure Pool Cleaner

A pressure pool cleaner or pressure side pool cleaner is designed to operate using forced water created by the existing pool water pump that circulates water throughout your pool.  The forced water is channeled to the cleaner either through a dedicated line that runs from a booster pump or is channeled off of the return line of the pool circulation system.

pressure pool cleanerPolaris Vac-Sweep Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

The main advantage of this type of cleaner is that they distribute the clean, filtered, water around your pool.  This increases circulation and improves overall health of your salt water pool.  Another advantage is that they are equipped with their own vacuum bag that collects dirt and debris, which improves cleanliness and also lightens the load on your filter.

If you have the ability to run a cleaner from your pressure line and your pump is capable of creating enough pressure, this type of cleaner can be effective and energy efficient.  The amount of suction will depend on the size of the pump and cleanliness of your filter system.  There are models of pressure cleaners that are designed to work with lower pressure - ideal for existing pool pumps.  A pressure cleaner designed to work with a booster pump requires about 30 psi and the low pressure cleaners work on as little as 15 psi.

The advantage of running your cleaner from a separate booster pump is that you will always maintain constant pressure and you won't have to depend on your existing circulation system.  They can be automated on a timer that coordinates with your pump or when your pool is not in use.

How a Pressure Pool Cleaner Works

The pressure from your existing pool pump or a separate pool booster pump generates the power to operate the cleaner.  Some of the pressure is diverted and used to propel the cleaner around your pool in a random pattern and stir debris up from your pool bottom.  The rest of the pressure is used to create a vacuum that sucks dirt and debris into the attached collection bag.  Like any vacuum cleaner, the bag has to be emptied when it’s full to ensure vacuum efficiency.

It’s important to consider the required pressure for different models.  Some will operate effectively using the pressure from your pool system while others require added pressure that can only be produced by a separate pool booster pump.  If there isn’t enough pressure, a cleaner is very ineffective.

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