10 Pool Deck Ideas

We've put together a list of the 10 best pool deck ideas based on aesthetics, quality and longevity. Each idea will enhance your pool space with a unique allure and beauty that will help you create the perfect outdoor pool area that your family and friends will enjoy for years. A pool is an investment after all and taking the time to decide on the best way to enhance, build or resurface your pool deck is worth ever minute and every penny. 

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If you are considering upgrading your existing pool area there are practical guidelines that should be followed for the absolute best results. The most dramatic change you can make is resurfacing the pool deck and the choices are plenty, each having their own special appeal. While porcelain or travertine tile is great for an elegant look it may not be ideal for a pool frequented by children. If you are in the market for a complete makeover of your yard you may find our list of pool landscaping ideas beneficial that includes unique ideas like a garden house or swim spa. 

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10 Pool Deck Ideas 

The following list of the 10 best pool deck ideas is based on our years of experience in the pool and landscaping industry combined with feedback from pool owners like you. As you read through this list keep in mind the safety and comfort of anyone using the pool including the use of anti-slip materials and surfaces that stay cool even during the hottest summer months. The perfect way to increase enjoyment and comfort of your pool is to incorporate one of the many amazing pool deck furniture ideas that add comfort and shade, a place to eat and relax or entertain that won't break the budget.  

Artificial Grass
Wood Tiles
Porcelain Tiles
Stamped Concrete
Composite Wood
Paving Stones
Water Features

Artificial Grass Pool Deck

An artificial grass pool deck is a relatively new idea and the recent popularity is largely due to the dramatic increase in quality and appearance of synthetic grasses. The life-like appearance instantly brings color, beauty and soft comfort to a pool area that no other product can deliver. An artificial grass pool surround brings a natural grass feel that can be enjoyed all season long without the mess and maintenance of real grass.

Artificial grass can be installed on top of concrete in the form of outdoor carpet rolls or tiles but is best when incorporated into the initial design of the pool decking and surrounding area. Another option is to incorporate a concrete deck with an adjacent artificial grass area for entertaining, relaxing or as an extension of a play area. You won't experience any grass clippings, dirt, mud or the insects that accompany real grass and is arguably the best pool deck covering idea.


  • Soft to touch and ideal for bare feet.
  • Natural, green appearance that mimics healthy natural grass.
  • Durable, non-slip surface that will likely outlast your pool.
  • Clean and free of clippings, dirt and insects.
  • Low maintenance.


  • Requires a substantial initial investment.
  • Tends to retain heat in direct sunlight.  

artificial grass pool deck

Travertine Pool Deck Tiles

Travertine stone tiles are a great option and make our list of pool deck ideas due to their affordability (cheaper than granite and marble), durability, stunning appearance and it's not slippery when it gets wet. Travertine is one of the most commonly used natural stones in the home and garden industry today and there's plenty of reasons why it's the most popular natural stone tile for pool decks heading into 2020. 

Travertine pool tiles come in a variety of colours and have a unique appearance, bearing the natural markings of where they were formed. Travertine is very tolerant of temperature extremes but we recommend choosing a light coloured tile for around pools so it stays cool it the hot summer months. They are impervious to cracking, water and moisture but if you are installing travertine next to a salt water pool you should take care to protect the stone with a penetrating, commercial sealant. 


  • Available in many colors and shades including; silver, shell, sunset, walnut and pearl.
  • Incredibly durable, heat tolerant and resistant to cracking.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Very attractive appearance that won't fade.
  • Light colors stay cool on the hottest summer days.
  • It's not slippery when wet.


  • Can appear worn if not sealed properly due to absorbing dirt and debris into natural pores.
  • It's an unforgiving surface that may not be ideal for children. 
  • Installation can be expensive especially if a concrete sub base is required.

travertine pool deck tiles

Wood Pool Deck Tiles

Wood deck tiles have come a long way in quality in recent years are a relatively unknown pool deck resurfacing idea. They do have some pretty appealing benefits that make them ideal for small pool decks and entertaining areas. They are versatile enough to be used just about anywhere to quickly and easily cover up old, worn out concrete and can be used in conjunction with many of the other pool deck ideas. 

When shopping for the best wood deck tiles keep in mind that they come in many colors as well as material, all sold as "wood". If you want a wood deck that's ultra low maintenance look for composite wood versus natural wood. It can be a never ending struggle keeping natural wood looking nice year after year with the endless ultraviolet rays, rain, traffic and maybe even snow that its subjected to. 


  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Attractive look that can be altered by changing the lay of the tile.
  • Many colors and styles to choose from.
  • Versatile making them ideal for unique and small spaces.
  • Composite wood deck tiles won't fade, split, splinter or rot. 


  • Composite wood tiles have a high initial investment cost. 
  • Can potentially be slippery when wet. 

wood pool deck tiles

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Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

A stamped concrete pool deck will add sophistication to an otherwise plain grey, brushed concrete look typical on city sidewalks and residential driveways. The process of stamping concrete allows pool owners to add a pattern of their choice that can mimic cobblestone or slate. Adding dye to the concrete during the mixing process gives the concrete color and by adding a release agent during installation, you can achieve almost any mixture of color in your choice of pattern.

Since concrete gains strength the older it gets you really can't go wrong with concrete especially if staying on budget is a concern. A sealant added every season will create a stunning pool deck that your family and friends are going to love. It also means that your deck can stay looking new and full of colour for many years without any other maintenance besides a quick spray when necessary. 


  • An attractive look that is also extremely durable.
  • Many styles and colors to choose from that will create a unique look.
  • More affordable than natural stones including porcelain and travertine.
  • Creates a uniform and clean looking pool deck. 
  • Low maintenance. 


  • Installation will cost more than regular brushed concrete.
  • An improper installation is difficult to remedy.
  • Requires sealing every year to maintain integrity and glossy appearance. 

stamped concrete pool deck

Porcelain Pool Deck Tile

Our list of pool deck ideas wouldn't be complete without including porcelain pool deck tiles. They are hands down one of the best surfaces you can use for a residential or commercial pool. The process of creating porcelain lends it to being incredibly hard wearing not to mention fire resistant, stain resistant, scratch and frost proof. It's incredibly hard and non-porous so it won't take on water or moisture, making it ideal for pools.

The patterns, colors and textures available in porcelain make it ideal for finding the perfect look for your pool area. Whether you are matching the color to your house or creating a modern look, there really is a tile that will fit your vision when it comes to porcelain. It's super easy to clean and maintain making it ideal for commercial and high traffic pools. 


  • Very attractive and polished look.
  • Endless colors, styles and textures to choose from.
  • Incredibly hard wearing; resistant to scratching, cracking and fading. 
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Non-porous; no mold or bacteria. 
  • Able to withstand temperature extremes. 
  • Easy to maintain. 


  • Costly to purchase.
  • Requires professional installation which can be costly.
  • Potentially slippery if using a porcelain that isn't design to be non-slip. 

porcelain pool deck tile

Composite Wood Pool Deck

Composite wood finds its way onto our top 10 list of pool deck ideas because it's simply a great product. When it comes to durability and low maintenance, a composite wood deck delivers with an attractive look that will highlight any pool area. It resembles the less durable natural wood minus the constant maintenance that regular wood requires to stay looking good year after year. You'll still need to give it a sweep or spray to clear off debris but say goodbye to painting and staining. 

Since composite wood is often produced using recycled materials you will be making an environmentally friendly decision. The technology is improving every year which means you can count on a product that will last decades, and look great along the way. The variety of colors and patterns available make it one of our favourite pool deck ideas. 


  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy to install.
  • Variety of colors and wood patterns.
  • Environmentally friendly.


  • More expensive than natural wood.
  • Lack the look that only natural wood can provide. 
composite wood pool deck

Pool Deck Paving Stones

One of the oldest pool deck ideas are paving stones or bricks placed in an interlocking pattern usually on a compacted bed of sand or gravel mixture. The various colors can be set to create a unique look that's also very durable. There are a few downsides to paving stones that are worth mentioning, that can be avoided if the stones are installed properly and regular maintenance is performed. 


  • Easy to install.
  • Affordable on any budget.
  • Variety of colors, sizes and patterns.
  • Durable and able to withstand excessive wear. 


  • Susceptible to settling, creating an uneven surface.
  • Dirt and potentially grass or weeds can develop in cracks.
  • Can pose a tripping hazard if not installed properly. 
  • Requires sealant to maintain appearance. 
pool deck paving stones

Pool Deck Slide

A slide will bring instant fun and exhilaration to any pool and if you have children you can count on hours of pure enjoyment. The best inground pool slides on the market today include 360 degree turns, breath taking tunnels and can accommodate adults up to 250 pounds. A sturdy deck is required for installation and there are safety guidelines that should be followed that include deck placement and pool location. 


  • Instantly add a lot of fun to your pool.
  • A great centrepiece for any pool area.
  • Creates a waterpark feel in your own backyard.
  • A variety of colors to choose from.
  • Designed with safety in mind. 


  • Top rated slides come with a high price tag.
  • Installation may require a professional especially if plumbing is required.  

pool deck slide

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Pool Deck Water Feature

A pool water feature can add an attractive element to your pool like none other especially combined with some of the great pool lighting ideas available. They are often associated with luxury and style and even the sound of trickling water can make you feel like you are in your own private oasis where you can forget about the worries and stresses of everyday life. A fountain or waterfall can increase the usage, enjoyment and value of your pool and worth consideration if it's in the budget. 

In addition to the aesthetics that a water feature brings there are a few other advantages that you'll enjoy. The calming sound of water is known to be extremely relaxing and can even drown out sounds that you don't want to hear. The splashing water can create a play area for children especially if you combine it with a pool slide, deck jets or bubblers. The final benefit that makes water features one of our favourite pool deck ideas is the practical benefit of providing circulation and aeration that assists keeping the pool chemistry in balance. 


  • Attractive and unique appearance.
  • Soothing sound of water falling for relaxation.
  • A place for children to play. 
  • Increase the value of your pool and home. 
  • Aids in circulation and aeration. 


  • A costly investment. 
  • Will require maintenance. 
pool deck water feature

Pool Deck Pergola

A pergola rounds out our list of the best pool deck ideas but it's definitely not the last thing you should consider when redesigning or resurfacing your pool deck. A pergola provides valuable shade that is even more beneficial if you don't have any natural shade to begin with. Creating a shady area is often overlooked when designing pools and for this reason pergolas are great because they can be built and places just about anywhere as long as there is enough space. 


  • Provides valuable shade.
  • Attractive appearance enhances any pool area.
  • Available in a variety of wood and finishing colors. 
  • Portable.


  • Requires a large area.
  • Assembly required with most kits unless professional installed. 
  • Will need to be restrained as often as needed. 
pool deck pergola

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We hope this list of pool deck ideas was helpful and gives you some insight into the products available including their advantages and disadvantages. A thoughtfully planned pool deck can provide years of fun, relaxation and beauty while still being low maintenance and not exceeding your budget. If you would like more information about pool deck resurfacing ideas contact us with your questions or comments. You may also find it beneficial to research the best plants for your pool deck


Please use all appropriate and proper safety precautions when attempting projects on this website. All projects are attempted at the reader's own risk.

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