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The best pool landscaping ideas are the ones that fit into your vision of what a backyard pool area should look and feel like. We all have our own tastes when it comes to design and with options ranging from garden houses to modern pergolas it can get overwhelming. You might not be a professional landscaper or designer but you can make an informed decision about what you want in and around your pool. We've put together a fully comprehensive list of the best pool landscaping ideas including products that will enhance your pool area.   

pool landscaping ideas

While some of the items on this list might not be ideal for your climate, budget or won't fit due to size restrictions but hopefully there are some ideas that you find appealing. We listed 25 options below and narrowed down a few into easy and budget categories. If you are considering resurfacing your pool patio or creating a unique space to relax and enjoy be sure to check out our list of pool deck ideas for inspiration and advice. 

25 Pool Landscaping Ideas 

We've put together a list of 25 pool landscaping ideas that will help create or transform your backyard pool area into a place of fun, entertainment or pure relaxation. The beauty of creating your own space is you can be as creative as you'd like and use your imagination. Just adding a bit of color using some of the latest pool deck lighting ideas can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your pool area. 

Artificial Grass 

Artificial grass is ideal for pools and surrounding pool areas. Experience the soft comfort of todays quality synthetic lawns without the hassle and maintenance required to keep natural lawn looking good all season long. Artificial grass doesn't require any chemicals that could be potentially harmful to children and pets. It'll stand up to pool environments with incredible resistant to wear and won't fade or bleach from pool water and constant sun. Learn more about artificial grass for pools and all the amazing benefits. 

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Plants and Trees

Plants and trees are often overlooked when it comes to planning out your pool landscaping ideas but you should keep a few things in mind. Natural foliage is great for hiding pool equipment or a fence line, providing shade or privacy and looking great. We recommend visiting your local garden center and asking for plants or trees that are ideal for pools. You want to plant trees that don't shed and won't set out shallow roots. Palm trees, banana, papyrus and agave are all great for pool settings, are hardy and add some color. 

pool plants and trees

Safety Fence

The addition of pool safety fencing shouldn't be overlooked especially if you have children. A fence is required in most municipalities and it should be incorporated in your pool landscaping plan. Look for a pool fence that has a lifetime warranty, easy to install and comes apart in sections. There are fencing options available that can be put up and taken down as often as needed. Fences are a great addition to your pool landscaping ideas list because of the added safety they provide. 

pool fence

Patio Furniture

The options available when it comes to pool deck furniture are almost endless. A simple dining table is ideal for two people or you might want to invest in a sectional set made out of black wicker if you plan on entertaining multiple guests in your pool area. Choose your favourite color, style and start enjoying your pool patio in comfort. A heater and umbrella for shade will give you that ability to relax by your pool all season long at any time of the day. 

patio furniture

NiceSoul High Back Rattan Outdoor Patio Furniture Sectional

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A backyard pergola should definitely be considered for your pool area because of how amazing they look and the practicality they provide. A smartly placed pergola will provide just the right amount of shade throughout the day and give your backyard pool area a ton of character. A backyard pergola structure will keep your pool comfortable even during the hottest summer months. Underneath a pergola is the perfect place set up patio furniture, a grill, lights or outdoor sound system. 


Pool Slide

An inground pool slide is the ultimate in fun that will provide endless hours of entertainment for your entire family. Instantly transform your backyard pool area into a waterpark with a thrilling slide that can be installed right onto the pool deck. They do require a secure concrete deck for proper installation and a minimum pool depth for safe operation. There are a variety of options available so you can be sure to find the perfect slide.

pool slide

Storage Shed

A storage shed is a great addition to any backyard pool area. They provide a place to store just about anything including pool equipment and chemicals that should be locked up and out of reach of children. Sheds are available in a myriad colors, shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect one. Some of the features available include all-weather resistant materials, skylights and lockable barn doors. 

storage shed


A poolside gazebo will help keep you cool and comfortable by blocking the direct sunlight. A quality gazebo combined with outdoor furniture and a heater can keep your party or get together going all night. An attractive addition to any backyard ensemble and worth considering especially because they are very affordable on any budget. When compared to other shade structures they are easy to set up and install.


Swim Spa

A swim spa can be considered a cross between a regular swimming pool and a hot tub. It combines the benefits of both with the ability to swim and use as a place of exercise with the soaking and soothing benefits of a hot tub. The size of these units make them appealing for home owners that just don't have the space for a full size pool. They are designed with energy efficiency in mind and are suitable for just about any climate.  

swim spa

Container House

A container house is a great way to add more liveable space in your backyard whether it's used as a pool house, guest house or for storage. These amazing innovations combine affordability with incredibly easy assembly that can be done with basic tools and a bit of handy-man knowledge. They can be retrofitted with bathrooms and even attached to an existing home. Container house kits come in contemporary, modern designs and even cabin styles. 

container house

Outdoor Sauna

An outdoor sauna designed and constructed with high quality materials will ensure you can use your therapeutic relaxing sauna outside for many years. If you have space to use this unit on your pool patio you'll be able to enjoy warm relaxation conveniently after a swim. Most units feature infrared heaters, iPhone or iPod capable sound systems and can seat up to 4 adults comfortably. 

outdoor sauna

BBQ Grill

A bbq grill that operates using a propane canister or gas line can be a great addition when putting your pool landscaping ideas into motion. A grill will allow you to entertain guests in the comfort of your backyard. Combine a new bbq grill for your pool patio with a dining table or a comfortable sectional couch for the ultimate relaxing experience. A heavy duty stainless steel grill will withstand any type of weather throughout the pool season and the rest of the year. 

bbq grill

Napoleon Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill with Infrared Side and Rear Burner

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Outdoor Pool Table

After a day of swimming there's no better way to have fun into the night than playing a game of pool with friends or family. An outdoor pool table designed to stand up to the elements is the perfect addition to your pool ensemble if fun and activity are your preference. A weatherproof table designed for outdoor use that has UV resistant billiard cloth and an aluminum frame design will ensure that you get many years of use out of your new billiard table.

outdoor pool table

Easy Pool Landscaping Ideas

There are some easy pool landscaping ideas that even the busiest pool owner can incorporate into their backyard. If you're looking for a change or you want to enhance your pool area there are some very easy and cool things you can do. If easy and do it yourself are two things important to you there are some great pool landscaping ideas.

Rock Water Fountain

A rock water fountain is one of our favourites for adding character to your backyard landscaping. The soothing and relaxing sound of water falling is really easy to achieve with a plug and play fountain that plugs into a regular power outlet. These are perfect for almost any outdoor setting and can be incorporated in with any of your pool landscaping ideas. Look for a fountain with LED accent lighting and realistic rock formations. 

rock water fountain

Outdoor Speakers

If 360º sound playing your favourite songs around your pool and patio area is appealing there are outdoor speakers designed just for that. The almost indestructible Bose 51 inground speakers can be installed just about anywhere and are able to handle snow, ice, sun, rain, salt water and temperatures as hot as 150℉. You can play music outside year-round no matter where you live and what the conditions are. These speakers are wired and are very easy to install for the average pool owner. 

outdoor speaker rock

Art Mosaic

A pool art mosaic is a really easy way to add some color, fun and character to any pool in only minutes. The decals can simply be dropped into the water to bring instant art to your pool bottom. You'll love the many styles and option available including custom made graphics for any occasion including business events. These decals look like high end mosaic tiles without the high cost, don't require any glues or adhesives to stay in place and can be moved with ease. 

art mosaic

Aqua Art Enterprises 47" Large Mosaic Coral Reef Drop in Pool Art

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Outdoor Rug

If you are looking for a quick, easy and affordable solution for a dull patio area you might want to consider an outdoor rug. Transform your patio area with an array of prints and colors that can round out any furniture ensemble perfectly. A quality patio area rug will be constructed to resist UV rays, mold, mildew and stains. Be sure to pre-measure the area you would like to cover before purchasing and pick out a color or pattern that you're going to enjoy for years to come. 

outdoor rug

Patio Umbrella

Incorporating a patio umbrella into your pool patio area is easy because of their portability and versatility. They can be used just about anywhere to provide shade and increase comfort on your pool patio. They can provide shade for a children's play area, a dining location or even to cool a portion of your pool. Umbrellas are priced affordably and easy to install.

patio umbrella

Pool Landscaping Ideas On a Budget

If you are looking for pool landscaping ideas on a budget there are some great options that might surprise you how cheap they are. With a little bit of planning and elbow grease you can create a stunning pool environment that your family and friends are going to love. 

Shade Sail

A shade sail will help keep your pool area cool during the hot summer months and transform your pool into an attractive tropical retreat. This shade cover option is affordable on any budget and can also be installed by a handy pool owner in as little as a couple hours. The aesthetics are amazing and the many colors available mean you can get exactly the look you want for your pool area. A bit of planning will ensure you cover exactly the areas you want shade throughout the day. 

shade sail

String Lights

Adding string lights to your patio, fencing or pergola can create a soothing ambiance and allow you to enjoy your pool into the night. The right lighting can transform any outdoor area on any budget. Install a dimmer switch to create exactly the right amount of light for you seating area. Look for heavy duty, waterproof or commercial lights that are designed for outdoor use and around pools. 

patio lights

Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor String Lights

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Vertical Garden 

A vertical garden ranks highly for being one of our smartest pool landscaping ideas especially if space is an issue around your pool. If you love gardening but can't seem to find room why not plant your garden vertically and even use multiple planters side by side. This idea is so versatile that you can set them up just about anywhere that gets the right amount of sunlight. They are practical and can provide the perfect backdrop to your pool with an array of colorful flowers. 

vertical garden

Solar Landscape Lights

A cool addition that should be part of your pool landscaping plan are solar landscape lights. There's no easier or low maintenance way to add character and charm to your pool area. Outdoor lights are waterproof and designed to be withstand all kinds of weather year round. They are easy to install and most will automatically turn on at night when light is needed, while charging during the day. 

solar landscape light

Privacy Screen

A privacy screen is ideal for breaking up different areas of your deck or patio, providing shade from the sun or protection from the wind. If privacy from neighbours is your goal you might also want to consider natural vegetation in the form of a hedge or tree suitable for pool areas. A retractable screen makes it incredibly easy to transform your seating area as needed. An outdoor, waterproof sun shade privacy screen should be part of your pool landscaping ideas. 

privacy screen

Outdoor Fire Table

An outdoor fire table or fire pit is an easy way to bring elegance, character and of course heat to your backyard pool patio area. The allure of a fire can be enjoyed while seated in your favourite couch or chair right next to your pool. Staying cozy into the evening hours while enjoying a beverage with friends or family can be achieved by adding a portable gas fire table. Look for a fire table with at least 30,000 BTU's and make sure that your neighbourhood supports the gas required. 

outdoor fire table

Bali Outdoors Propane Fire Pit Table

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Patio Heater

An outdoor patio heater can be a welcome addition if you live in a climate where it cools off in the evening. Extend your party or evening dinner into the night with comfortable heat using either propane or gas. Most outdoor heaters are portable and easy to move to wherever you need them. The multiple uses make this a great investment for anyone that spends time outdoors where heat is required. 

patio heater

Pool Landscaping Idea Pictures

If you're a visual person and would like to look at pool landscape ideas pictures we recommend a few different websites that have a ton of great ideas. It's a great way to get some ideas that you like and also to see what you don't like without having to spend a penny. You'll find styles ranging from contemporary to modern that will awe you.

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We hope you found this page about pool landscaping ideas informative and hope it gives you some inspiration to create the backyard pool areas of your dreams. Whether you decide on a modern design or you decide to give your inground pool a waterpark feel, we wish you luck with your design transformation. 


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