Pool Art Mosaic 

Pool art mosaic decals will transform your pool into a unique display of elegance or add a bit of color and style that will be sure to set your pool apart from all the others.  It’s a simple and cost effective way to create a personal touch that will catch the attention of everyone that uses your pool for years to come. 

pool art mosaicAqua Art Pool Decals Coral Reef Decal Mat

Colorful tropical fish, a coral reef, or chasing dolphins set in a majestic mosaic background can be the backdrop of virtually any size or shape of pool.  You can create a stylish art décor that is usually found only in the most elaborate pools around the world in your own backyard.  The many prints and designs available means you will be able to find something you like and that gives your pool just the right look. 

Pool art mosaics are really easy to install, you simply drop the decal into your pool and set it on the bottom of your vinyl, fiberglass or gunite liner.  The weight of the decal keeps it in place just makes sure that you aren’t covering any drains, return lines, or in line of any jets.  The ease and convenience means you will be enjoying the new look of your pool in a matter of minutes. 

If you are concerned about the effects of salt on your new mosaic you don't need to be.  Salt water pools are gentler on liners and that includes a mat that you place at the bottom of your pool throughout the pool season.  The decals can be placed, removed and cleaned with ease. 

Pool Art Mosaic Decals

Pool prints are available in different sizes that allow for decoration of any size pool.  The smaller diameter decals are ideal for pool steps or small above ground pools, while the large diameter decal will provide an exquisite backdrop to the largest residential pools by simply placing it on the bottom of your pool. 

The durability of the pool decals is ensured with the ultraviolet and stain resistant finish and the anti-microbial vinyl construction.  The vinyl is weighted and reinforced to withstand constant submersion in your pool water.  The finish available on most prints is build to withstand the environment in your swimming pool.  With the use of a salt water swimming pool you can be sure that the conditions are a lot less harsh that a tradition chlorine pool. 

Pool art decals couldn’t be easier to achieve with the application of pool decals.  A design or monogram is available for almost any pool enthusiast that wants to bring an added touch of brilliant art to their pool.  

After you receive your pool mat aqua art be sure to unroll and reverse-roll the mat to achieve as flat a surface as possible.  Place on the surface of the water and push to the bottom of your pool with your hands or anything without sharp edges.  Position the pool print on a horizontal section of your pool away from any drains, or direct line of a return line that could cause the mat to move.

The pool art mosaic can be removed by simply peeling it from the liner and cleaned as often as needed.  If you use a robot or sweeping pool cleaner you may have to remove it before cleaning but in most cases the suction of the decal will prevent it from lifting even during cleaning. 

Pool Art Mosaic Tiles

If you are looking for a more permanent option to give your pool a unique and stylish look you should consider adding stone, marble or tile mosaics designed specifically for pools and baths.  The elegant and amazing works of art will accent your pool area like nothing else and with a bit of elbow grease and installation you will be enjoying it for many years.

Tile mosaics are made of natural stones, made by hand and will last a lifetime.  They are available in varying sizes from as small as 12x20 inches up to 60x40 inches so you can accent any tile area with the exact size you are looking for.  These unique works of art will be sure to impress your family, friends and anyone that uses your pool. 

Installing mosaic pool tiles will require a few tools to install that you would use to install any regular tile.  The pool mosaic installation video will provide a step by step guide including how to unpack the tiles, setting and finishing instructions.  If you are looking for something to take your pool area to the next level this is a product that you should seriously consider. 


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