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A pool pump shed or outdoor storage unit comes in handy when you want to store and protect your pump, hardware or pool accessories from endless hours of sunlight and other harsh weather.  An organized backyard pool area will be cleaner and safer while providing a neat place to store everything you use around the pool in once convenient place. 

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A quality shed or cover is ideal for storing not only your pump but a great place to store other supplies.  A locking storage unit is ideal for securing valuable belongings and preventing children from accessing anything dangerous they shouldn't get their hands on.  It's very convenient to be able store your pool balancing chemicals next to the pool so you don't have to transport them or take as long to complete your weekly maintenance. 

There are many styles and options when considering purchasing a pool pump shed.  It's a good idea to consider what size of shed you need based on what you plan on storing inside it.  A small storage shed is a tidy place to store a pool pump while a much larger storage shed is ideal for storing all your pool, lawn and garden supplies together in once place.

As another added benefit to storing your pump or heater in a protective enclosure is you will muffle the sound created when your pool system is running.  If you store a heater or heater pump inside an enclosure or shed it's important that adequate ventilation is built into the structure to allow the harmful carbon monoxide gases to escape. 

The materials available range from durable synthetic compounds to natural wood and metal.  There are some other important considerations when deciding on the best shed for your backyard pool like ventilation, weather resistance and ease of assembly. We'll discuss them all continue reading for some helpful tips and advice.

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Pool Pump Shed Options

There are a few different styles of pool pump sheds that are each designed with their own unique advantages and applications for pool owners.  They range from a very basic cover that will protect your pump motor from rain and direct sunlight for extended periods of time all the way up to large enclosures that are designed to hold anything from pool supplies to yard and garden equipment. 

If you are handy and enjoy building things you might consider constructing your own storage unit. If you want the convenience and durability of a prefabricated storage unit we'll go over the options below starting with the smallest and most affordable units and finishing with the more advanced larger storage sheds. 

Small Storage Sheds

All pool equipment is designed to be used outdoors but it's nice to have a protective enclosure that will keep everything covered year round.  You won't have to worry about the harsh elements in the winter that can cause damage to metal and other components of your pool system. 

Storage units can be made out of any number of materials but synthetic materials that are used today can stand up to almost all weather conditions found in North America including rain, snow and extreme humidity.  Metals can be susceptible to rust or milder buildup where synthetics resist this type of damage.  An added benefit of synthetic compounds is they are usually fire retardant and virtually maintenance free. 

Large Storage Sheds

If you are looking for a shed that will hold more than just a pump or heater there are some pretty amazing outdoor storage sheds that will keep all of your outdoor equipment safely in once place.  There is nothing better than being able to access your outdoor pool, garden and yard equipment in one handy place that is organized and out of sight when it's not being used. 

There are several size options available depending on your storage needs.  The features in the larger sheds include; skylights, screened ventilation and built-in shelves.  You want a shed that is made of heavy-duty materials and a 10 year manufacturers warranty will add some valuable peace of mind to your purchase. 

We have a few tips for when you are purchasing your next pool pump shed or storage unit that will come in handy especially for pool owners.  In addition to ensuring that when you have a shed with ventilation when storing a heater we recommend the following:

  • front opening double doors will allow for easy access to pool equipment
  • locking front panel or door for security against theft and safety for children
  • easy to assemble and lightweight 
  • extended manufacturers warranty with a minimum of 10 years
  • sturdy and milder resistant materials or finish

Whether you decide to build your own pool pump shed or purchase a prefabricated unit we hope this helps make a more informed decision.  There is nothing better or more convenient than an attractive shed that keeps everything tidy and out of the way in your backyard pool area. 

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