10 Pool Deck Lighting Ideas

The best pool deck lighting ideas will make you feel like you are on a vacation in your own backyard. It's now easier than ever to bring a resort type feeling to your very own pool area and you can do it on almost any budget. The right lighting can transform a dull backyard into a vibrant place your family and friends will enjoy spending time in all season long. Whether you want to add lighting along a fence line, around a perimeter railing or you want to highlight your new pool there's endless options when it comes to lighting for pool decks.  

pool deck lighting ideas

Lighting around a pool is often overlooked because most pools have underwater lighting. Adding the right lighting can really accent a deck surround, water features or highlight a well designed pool landscaping design. In addition to creating the look you've always wanted for your pool area, you will be increasing the safety of your pool area with increased visibility and adding to the amount of time you can enjoy your pool and deck. There's nothing like spending quality time around your pool in any number of the amazing pool deck furniture ideas like a chaise lounge to soak up some sun, a fire table to stay warm into the evening or a relaxing daybed. 

10 Best Pool Deck Lighting Ideas

The best waterproof pool deck lighting ideas will incorporate soft, subtle light that adds aesthetic beauty while also ensuring safety by lighting up high traffic areas, railings and stairs. In addition to extending the amount of time you can enjoy by your pool, you will be adding a level of safety and security for anyone using the pool. There's nothing like looking out at your backyard pool area from inside your house and feeling proud of what you've created. 

Under Cap Hardscape Light
Wireless LED Light
LED Step Light
Low Voltage Well Light
Waterproof Rope Light
Solar Spotlight 
Solar Post Cap Light
Solar Sidewalk Light
Solar Fence Light
Solar Railing Light

*IP Waterproof Rating Explained

Under Cap Hardscape Lighting

Under cap hardscape lights make our list of pool deck lighting ideas because they are absolutely stunning. They will bring alive almost any dull unlit area and the fact that they are designed to tuck under the cap of pavers, masonry walls, retaining walls or steps make them even more appealing. The subtle light will highlight landscaping, light up stairs for increased safety or provide soft ambiance for any lounge area. 

They are designed to be used outdoors in extreme temperatures with a working range of -4℉ (-20℃) to 122℉ (50℃). Making them ideal for pool areas prone to moisture, they are rated with an IP65 waterproof rating.

The light itself is made with detachable aluminum light bars and a stainless steel mounting plate. It's corrosion-resistant, durable and easy to install. Powered by 12V AC/DC voltage it can safely be used almost anywhere. 

under cap hardscape lighting
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Wireless WiFi LED Deck Lights

Are you looking for deck lights controlled wireless by a smart phone? The mood of your pool deck area can be changed in an instant with the push of a button or through your Amazon Echo (Alexa) or Google Home Assistant. 

It's an ultra convenient way of illuminating your garden, patio, indoor floors or pool deck. You will have the ability to create a romantic ambiance at night or a welcoming atmosphere for a garden or lounge area. With the limitless colors you will enjoy 50,000 hours of low voltage lighting for many years and occasions. 

These wired LED deck lights are rated to IP67 waterproofing and can be connected to each other so you can light up any size area around your pool. An added benefit that sets these lights apart is the ability to control the brightness in addition to color. 

wireless wifi led deck lights
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LED Step Stair Lighting

Are you looking to illuminate stairs or steps that lead away from your pool? Pool deck lighting ideas that incorporate lighted stairways provide a modern, sophisticated look that highlights the surrounding landscape while providing safety lighting for anyone using the steps. 

Installing a waterproof, low voltage soft glowing LED light is arguably the best choice when it comes to illuminating steps adjacent to a pool deck. You can be assured of the safety of anyone using the steps after a swim and even when it rains or snows throughout the pool season or wintertime. 

These soft glowing LED deck lights can be used on steps, stairways and even decks patios and porches for an enhanced ambiance or for entertaining into the evening hours. 

led step stair lighting
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Low Voltage Well Lighting

Recessed patio lights make our pool deck lighting ideas list because frankly they look amazing and since they are recessed they don't intrude on useable space and provide a clean appearance. The waterproof landscape lights are low voltage capable and are compatible with most low voltage landscape light transformers.

The body is constructed of thick high grade aluminum and have a stainless steel light cover. It's resistant to frost, heat and pressure and can easily withstand hot sun, heavy rain and cold snow throughout the year. They are IP67 waterproof and include a rubber gasket to create a water tight seal. 

Low voltage recessed LED lighting is ideal for illuminating decks, stairs, walls, columns and work as great accent lighting for plants and trees. Enjoy these modern lights that are rated for up to 30,000 hours.

low voltage well lights
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Waterproof Rope Light

This is one of the most inexpensive pool deck lighting ideas and maybe the most dynamic. This 80 foot LED rope light features 16 vivid colors that can be controlled by a wireless remote. It's ideal for special occasions such as a wedding or graduation, Christmas or Halloween themed pool parties or anytime you want to add charm to your pool deck area. 

It's rated to IP67 waterproofing and the clear plastic case covers the silver strands, making it ideal for pools and outdoor use. The string plugs into a regular household outlet, operates on UL certified 12v low voltage. The wire itself is flexible and resistant to tangling or breaking. 

This is a great option as a hanging pool deck lighting solution around pools because it's easy to install and can be used as a permanent or temporary addition to any pool deck for relaxing or entertaining. 

waterproof rope light for pool
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Outdoor Solar Spotlight Lighting

This is arguably one of the most versatile and common outdoor pool deck lighting ideas because they can be used just about anywhere to create stunning accent lighting. The fact that they are wireless means you can easily install them in places you normally couldn't run a wired lighting system; side of the house, next to a pool, walkway or as tree uplighting. 

In the world of solar wireless pool deck lighting ideas you really can't go wrong with LED lights because of the incredibly long lasting bulbs that emit light with very little energy. You can expect lights to last up to 15 hours on a single day of charging in sunlight. 

The lights are made of quality ABS and rated to an IP67 waterproofing. The lights are dimmable with a setting to change lights from OFF to low light, to high light so you can find the perfect brightness for each area and situation. 

outdoor solar spotlight lighting
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Solar Post Cap Lighting

Our list of the best pool deck lighting ideas has to include the ultra convenient solar post cap lights. It's incredibly easy to transform a fence or railing with soft ambient lighting on every post. The LED lights have 2 modes that will either create a warm white or cool white ambient color. 

The Siedinlar Solar Post Lights are made of plastic and available in both white and black. The attractive design makes them suitable for post sizes; 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6 (3.5" to 6") of any material. The caps can be fastened with screws that are provided. 

The lights will charge during the daylight hours; turning 6 to 8 hours of sunlight into 10 to 12 hours of nighttime lighting automatically. The LED post cap lights are made of tough ABS that's IP44 waterproof rated, will withstand extreme heat, heavy rains and even snow. 

solar post cap lights
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Solar Sidewalk Lighting

Are you looking for low maintenance solar lighting for a pathway, sidewalk or deck that's completely waterproof and can even withstand the weight of a vehicle? These solar deck lights are bordering on incredible and they are also budget-friendly costing less that $40 for 4 lights. 

Super easy to install on almost any surface with screws or weatherproof double-sided mounting tape. You can enjoy wireless solar lighting on your driveway, sidewalk, walkway, patio, stairs or pool deck with the assurance that they are completely waterproof and ultra-resilient. 

With the highest waterproof rating possible of IP68 you can be assured that they are safe to use around a pool and can withstand any weather that mother nature throws at them. The lights require at least 3 to 5 hours of sunlight to fully charge and will turn on automatically at night and last up to 15 hours on one charge. 

solar sidewalk lighting
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Solar Outdoor Fence Lighting

This is one of the most inexpensive pool deck lighting ideas because of their low cost and since they are solar, they also don't cost anything to operate. They do require 8-10 hours of charging in sunlight which can be an issue if you live an an area that goes several days without sunlight. 

This fence lighting has 3 modes to meet your specific needs; constant dim lighting with no sensor, constant dim lighting that brightens for 15-20 seconds when motion is detected and constant bright mode. The upgraded motion sensitivity can detect movement up to 10-16 feet away providing visibility for your family and helping ward off intruders. 

The lights are rated to IP65 waterproofing and feature a 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will allow for long lasting operation after charging in the daytime sunlight. 

solar outdoor fence lights
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Outdoor Solar Railing Lights

These bright multi-color solar lights take only 4-5 hours to charge and will work for about 10 hours, so you can count on them lasting through the night. They are ideal if you experience less sunlight that other locations in Canada and the United States. 

They are weather resistant and will stand up to rain, snow, frost and sleet and are ideal as a boundary fence light but can also be used on a pool deck, steps, walls, patio or garden. There are two modes; a warm white light suitable for daily activities or changing colours ideal for entertaining, decoration or creating a specific ambiance.

They are easy to install by screwing into wood or you can use a double sided outdoor rated tape. These are a unique pool deck lighting idea and are guaranteed to garner compliments due to the vibrant light pattern created by the acrylic bubble covers. 

outdoor rail lights
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IP Waterproof Rating Explained

When purchasing lights for outdoor use you should first ensure that they are rated for use outdoors. The best way to quickly determine the quality of the light and more pointedly, if it's designed to withstand rain, snow, etc is to determine the IP rating code of the light. IP stands for Ingress Protection and is a measurement of the level of protection against water, dust, sand, etc.

The first number is the level of protection against solids, the second refers to protection against liquids. The higher the number the better protection against both solids and liquids. 

When it comes to using lights in the vicinity of pools, always check your local building code restrictions. The will define what type, voltage, etc that's required and at what distance away from the pool the lights are required to be installed. The chart beside details the IP ratings for each digit and an example of the protection as the number increases.

As an example; an LED light with a rating of IP65 is resilient to solids down to the size of tiny dust particles. It is limited, however, to being protected against water jets from any angle but is not waterproof. IP67 is another common rating for outdoor lighting as as you can see in the chart, it's protected from the effects of temporary submersion in water; 30 minutes or 3 feet. The most resilient pool deck lights will have a rating of IP68; no ingress of dust particles and the highest waterproof rating of 8; protection against the effects of permanent submersion in water, up to 13 feet

High IP ratings are ideal for pools as they are of course considered a wet location that's prone to splashing. It also make the lights resistant to people touching them and areas of high foot traffic. When considering the best pool deck lighting ideas it's important to keep in mind the waterproof rating system.

ip rating chart


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