Pool Cleaner Robots

A pool cleaner robot might sound like something from the future but in reality the technology is here and it's pretty amazing to say the least. Any pool owner will tell you that keeping the pool sparkling clean is the hardest part of owning a pool and that's where automatic cleaners can come in really handy. If you want to spend less time keeping your pool clean and let a robotic pool cleaner do the work while you aren't even around you'll want to keep reading. 

pool robot cleaner

There is something to be said about going for a quick dip or an unexpected swim with friends or family knowing that the pool is always going to be clean. There are three main types of automatic pool cleaners that will clean your pool on a set schedule and ideally at night while you are sleeping so you never have to think about it. While each type of automatic cleaner will get the job done there are some definite advantages to a pool cleaner robot.

The other two types of automatic cleaners are referred to as suction-side and pressure-side because they operate using your pool circulation system. The pressure or suction created by the pump is used to power and operate both of these cleaners. The downside is that they only operate while your pool system is running and if your pump isn't powerful enough to create enough suction your cleaner won't operate very effectively. The only way to remedy this is to install a separate booster pump that can be time consuming and costly. 

A robot pool cleaner is a completely self contained unit that operates independently from your pool system. It can be set to run on it's own schedule and with the advancement in remote pool automation you can manage cleaning frequency from just about anywhere. They are completely self sufficient with an onboard pump, filter and self-propulsion system to get around in almost any pool environment. A robotic vacuum can get the average pool sparkling clean in about two hours.

5 Best Pool Cleaner Robots

The best pool cleaner robot list is comprised based on feedback and reviews from pool owners like you. This includes concerns about cleaning quality, price, efficiency and customer service including product warranty. It seems like every year there are new models available but that doesn't necessarily mean they're better than the previous years model. As of 2021 the latest WiFi technology has made robot pool cleaners even more user-friendly and makes keeping your pool clean ultra simple. 

1.  Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme WiFi

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme WiFi is without a doubt the best overall pool cleaner robot on the market today with the Nautilus CC line of robotic cleaners holding that spot for some time in our opinion. It's ability to clean and overall quality make it unmatched and when you factor in the state of the are wireless controls that can be operated from the palm of your hand pretty much anywhere and anytime it's above the all the others. 

2.  Dolphin Oasis Z5i Bluetooth

The Dolphin Oasis Z5i makes our top 5 best pool cleaner robot list because of it's overall performance and it's backed by the most trusted name in pool cleaners. This completely independent cleaner uses a unique new filter system that's easy to clean with a regular garden hose. You can expect a sparkling clean pool up to 50 feet in just 2.5 hours with this very dependable unit. Enjoy extreme cleaning power and advanced automation controls in the latest model. 

3.  Dolphin Triton PS

The Dolphin Triton PS is a high performing automatic hands off cleaner from the world's leading manufacturer or robotic pool cleaners. It features incredible energy efficiency with superior filtration and easy to load cartridge filter. It's topped off with dual scrubbing brushes that will get almost any pool surface sparkling clean including the waterline. This unit is finds its place as one of the most advanced automatic pool cleaning systems on the planet. 

4.  Dolphin Nautilus CC

The Dolphin Nautilus CC rounds out the top pool cleaner robots with a combination of performance and reliability at a price that suits almost any budget. It's a powerful robot cleaner that can clean a pool up to 33 feet in under 2 hours. It boasts 8x the energy efficiency versus a regular suction cleaner so you can count on substantially reduced energy costs. Keep your salt water pool or regular chlorine pool clean all year long with the touch of a button!

5.  Dolphin E10 

The Dolphin E10 robotic above ground pool cleaner rounds out our list because of what it delivers at a very affordable price. It's revolutionary lightweight design means it can be used with above ground pools and smaller inground pools. It's versatile and suitable for all types of surfaces including vinyl, fibreglass and concrete. If you are looking for a cheap pool cleaner robot you can't go wrong with this reliable unit that's backed by a 2-year quality assurance warranty.

How a Pool Cleaner Robot works

A pool cleaner robot is designed to keep your pool clean on it's own while you are doing something else like spending time with family and friends, working or anything other than manually cleaning your pool. The onboard computer is powered by an attached electrical cable and manages the cleaners pump and and drive motors through the process of jet propulsion. The smart computer will also learn the most efficient cleaning path based on your pool's unique features.

how a pool cleaner robot works

The robot cleaner moves around the pool on self-driven rollers or tracks and most can climb stairs and walls with no problem at all. The options vary depending on make and model but some have onboard guidance systems and some can even be controlled by remote control on pool software apps if you have an iPhone, iPad or computer. 

The average electrical cord length ranges between 30 to 60 feet but it does vary with different makes and models. They work very similar to a regular vacuum in that the electricity powers a suction pump that sucks dirt and debris through an internal series of chambers. As water passes through the cleaner, the on-board filter traps debris. The filter can be cleaned quite easily with a garden hose or something similar after each use by simply removing the filter compartment.

The track that a pool cleaner robot moves around on and the cleaning brush are designed for specific surfaces. A cleaner brush that is effective for concrete is not recommended for vinyl surfaces in some circumstances. Ensure that the cleaner is designed for your specific pool surface to ensure proper cleaning and to prevent damage. If it's rated for vinyl it will also be suitable for a fiberglass surface.

10 Reasons to Purchase a Pool Cleaner Robot

If you are considering upgrading your pool cleaning system you won't be disappointed with money spent on automating this aspect of your overall maintenance. The models available today are the result of years of improving on past technology and creating what pool owners want. In addition to spending a lot less time keeping your pool clean here are some other pretty amazing benefits.

  1. Crystal clear water with onboard filters more efficient that DE filters.
  2. Less stress on your pool pump, filter and circulation system.
  3. Less time spent backwashing and cleaning the pool filter. 
  4. Less energy and operating costs compared to running your entire pool system.
  5. Less chemical usage due to increased circulating of pool water.
  6. Clean and scrub pool walls and hard to reach areas other types of cleaners don't reach.
  7. Smart technology increases cleaning efficiency with learned cleaning paths. 
  8. Quiet operation so it can be operated at night while you are sleeping.
  9. Wireless technology allows for remote operating from a mobile device.
  10. Manual remote control so it can be operated with handheld controls. 


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