Submersible Pool Pump

A submersible pool pump can come in really handy when you need to remove water from your pool cover.  Water can collect on the cover over the winter or during rainy months and it should be removed as quickly as possible to prevent damage to your pool and as a safety precaution. 

submersible pool pump

It can be a difficult task to you get even a few inches of water off of your pool cover.  A few inches of water can be a headache and the last thing you want is for that dirty untreated water to get into your pool.  This dirty water will add stress to your filter system and also dilute salt or chemical levels.

A submersible pool pump is an affordable solution that can remove unwanted water built up on your cover quite quickly.  Simply place the pool pump on the cover, run the drain hose (garden hose) to a sewer drain, garden or lawn.  After everything is in place, plug in and it shouldn’t take long for the water to be pumped off of your cover.

Some pumps have a water sensor and will pump only when water collects on your cover.  This means that you can leave the pump on your cover and take comfort in knowing that it will turn on when it rains and collects water.  Pumps are designed to be submersed in up to 7 feet of water.

Most pumps available today are built to withstand extreme temperatures including ice and snow.  It is not recommended that you leave the pump on your cover over the winter if you experience freezing temperatures.  If you live in the northern states or in Canada it is advised that you only use the pump in the spring or during periods of rain when the cover is used often.

Submersible Pool Pump Specifications

All pumps have a Gallons Per Hour (GPH) rating.  This rating simply states the amount of gallons a pump will remove per hour.  Sometimes these ratings can be exaggerated a bit by the manufacturer. In the case of a cover that collects a small amount of water you can get away with a relatively small pump that will be more affordable. 

We recommend using a smaller submersible pool pump with a rating around 200 GPH.  This size of pump will be more than sufficient to remove water from your cover in a reasonable amount of time.  It will be more affordable and get the job done in the majority of circumstances.

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