Outdoor Surveillance Camera

An outdoor surveillance camera is an incredibly handy device that can be placed to provide a visual of almost anywhere in your backyard pool area.  Most modern systems consist of multiple cameras so you can cover any angle and every corner of your backyard and swimming pool area so you won't miss an unwanted guest or wandering child. 

outdoor surveillance camera

If you want to keep a careful watch on your children while working inside, an outdoor camera is a great way to do that from the comfort of your home.  It's important that direct parental supervision is always present and cameras should only be used as a supplement or if absolutely necessary.

The wireless range with some models can exceed 400 feet so virtually anywhere in your backyard can be monitored with proper placement.  In most instances you should be able to locate the camera from one point and with the wide angle option you can cover your entire pool area.  

They are often easy to install and have the option of running off of rechargeable batteries so you aren't restricted by an electrical power source.  Most cameras are built with durability in mind and will withstand almost any weather condition, including rain, sleet and snow.  An outdoor surveillance camera is the ultimate in home security and the increased safety make them a great option for pool owners.

There are a few options or upgrades available with most wireless systems that include:

  • Night Vision
  • Optimal Audio
  • High Definition (HD) Color
  • 360 degree coverage

Outdoor Surveillance Camera Installation

Installation usually involves attaching the camera(s) with fastening screws to either a shed, fence, house, etc. The ideal height is 8 to 10 feet to keep the camera out of reach of children. Discreet camera's are available if you want to keep it hidden or out of view. It might be a good idea if security is your main focus. It is also a good idea to keep it in a protected area to keep it safe from flying objects such as sports equipment.

After the camera is placed strategically to cover the areas of concern; swimming pool, hot tub, fence gate, it's just a matter of setting up to work with your computer. Most units give you the option of either viewing from a computer screen or a monitor.

Technology has advanced tremendously in the area of wireless camera systems. They are affordable, easy to install, and set up to a laptop or computer. Although camera's don't replace vigilant adult supervision, they are an option if you want to supervise from inside your home for whatever the reason may be.

The layered approach is always the best idea when considering your overall pool safety. There are many affordable options and an outdoor surveillance camera should be considered to help create the safest salt water pool environment possible. 


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