Pool Safety Rope

A pool safety rope is an affordable option for adding a layer of safety to your pool.  Anyone including children and adults can unexpectedly need assistance while swimming and a safety device poolside could prevent accidental drowning and potentially save a life. 

pool safety rope

Ropes are designed to either attach to a poolside with a hook or be available for emergency situations.  A floating pool rope will provide security for swimmers who find themselves in need of a device to keep them afloat in the event of distress or fatigue that can lead to drowning. 

It's always important to educate yourself on what to do in case of an emergency that includes learning CPR for children and adults.  Another good idea is to learn the basics of swimming to improve your skills and techniques like being able to float or tread water for extended periods of time. 

Floating Pool Safety Rope

A floating pool safety rope can be used in many applications and are available in an assortment of colours that are highly visible and strong enough to support weight of a child or adult. 

A rope is often used in commercial pools to section off lanes for swimmers or to section off the deep end to prevent children from venturing too far beyond shallow areas where they aren't skilled enough to swim.  They are a great way to section off the deep end of a residential pool so children know where the deep end is and where they shouldn't be swimming. 

In addition to alerting children where they shouldn't swim they can provide something to assist them with staying afloat when assistance is necessary.  It's important to always supervise children and not rely on safety equipment for their overall safety and enjoyment. 

There are many ways a pool owner can provide a safe place for children and adults to enjoy swimming.  The layered approach is a simple way to apply numerous safety measure.  Starting with a perimeter fence that has a door alarm is a great layer and you might also want to consider immersion alarms, surveillance cameras or lighting for added peace of mind. 

There is no substitute for adult supervision and educating yourself on what to do in the event of an emergency is a great place to start.  Education and prevention will ensure that everyone enjoys your pool for many years to come. 


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