Pool Service Business Plan

A pool service business plan is an important part of starting your own cleaning or maintenance company. It's the backbone of any business and will serve as a guide for years to come as well as assist you in making smart business decisions. A well thought out plan will assist you in securing financial assistance from lending institutions if you need extra capital to get your business off the ground or expand to offer more services. 

pool service business plan

Any good business plan has certain components that needs to be planned out before you get started but it's also a great reference down the road as you make decisions for expansion, monitor revenue and expenses, plan advertising campaigns, etc. The pool service business plan model below is a great starting point for anyone interested in opening a pool service company.

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Pool Service Business Plan Model

A business plan will give you confidence as you navigate the industry in your area and statistics prove that your odds of success are greatly increased just by working through the essential elements. The value of planning ahead combined with identifying the little details you may miss without a plan, make it a no-brainer for anyone seriously considering starting a pool service business

A pool service business plan model or template is the core of a successful company and will serve you for many years to come. The roadmap it provides will help you navigate through most roadblocks that will be unique to you and your company. The 7 elements that you should have are listed below including a description specific to the pool service industry. 

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Business Description
  3. Market Analysis
  4. Organization Management
  5. Marketing and Sales
  6. Funding Requirements
  7. Financial Projections

For the purposes of this pool service business plan we will use a fictitious company named "Pool Cleaner Inc." and provide an example for each element. 

1. Executive Summary

The executive summary is a snapshot of the business as it relates to your geographic area and the unique services you will be providing. It's recommended that you complete the executive summary after you have researched and completed the other 6 steps of the pool service business plan. You should have a really good idea of exactly what you want to focus on after working through this business plan model.

"Pool Cleaner Inc. has recognized through extensive market research that there is a demand for residential pool cleaning and maintenance in the City of Summerland. It appears that there is a substantial demand for affordable pool cleaning and maintenance that just can't be met by the existing pool companies in the area.

2. Business Description

The business description is where you describe what services you will be providing and a synopsis of the industry in your area. If you ever get overwhelmed it's also great place to refer back to and gain a foothold on why you started the business in the first place. You will want to answer some of the following questions as you work through the business description:

  • Is your business going to operate as a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation?
  • Where are you located and what areas will you be servicing?
  • What is your customer base and how will you secure revenue?
  • What are some opportunities for growth in your area?

"Pool Cleaner Inc. will be incorporated by Joe Smith who will be operating as the sole owner and share holder. Pool Cleaner Inc. is located in the City of Summerland which will also be the main operating center, with plans to expand as the business grows. The customer base is not established but the planned marketing and advertising campaigns should provide a solid base to start from. The target market is residential pool owners with a goal of establishing commercial pool servicing in the future."

3. Market Analysis

The market analysis is a wide snapshot of the market as a whole. This includes the competition and the overall state of the industry in the geographic area you will be servicing. You should also outline your specific niche and how you will be different or superior in the products or services you will be offering. 

The trends, tendencies or demands of your target market should be outlined including direct testimonials or feedback from potential customers. The feedback and research should help you in identifying pricing strategies as well as the number of projected customers in your area. Keep in mind the market share you plan on obtaining using your ideal pricing and unique services. 

How you price your products and services is an important part of the overall pool service business plan and should be based off the market analysis. You must always base pricing to cover costs considering competition, demand and markup. The market can also change over time depending on supply and demand for your products or services so you may need to adjust pricing over time.

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"The market analysis conducted by Pool Cleaner Inc. identified a growing demand for basic residential pool cleaning and maintenance in the City of Summerland and surrounding areas. After speaking with several pool owners in the area it was clear that pool owners were unhappy with wait times and the high costs of basic pool maintenance. 

The high prices currently charged by existing companies will allow Pool Cleaner Inc. to charge less than the competition while still covering operating costs and making a substantial profit. It's possible that the market may change in the coming years so the plan is to reevaluate pricing every fiscal year."

4. Organizational Management

The organizational management for a pool service business will most likely be simply based on one person, the owner. This doesn't mean that you should skip this step or leave it out of your plan. It's an opportunity to boast about yourself including expertise and qualifications your bring to the business. 

"The owner of Pool Cleaner Inc., Joe Smith has 5 years of experience in the pool industry cleaning and maintaining both residential and commercial pools. Joe has established quality relationships with reputable suppliers and other professionals in the industry. In addition to several years of pool service experience, Joe has completed several pool service courses online and received the highest certification possible in the industry."

5. Marketing and Sales

A pool service business plan would not be complete without taking a serious look at the marketing and sales strategy for the business. You won't make any money if you don't have customers and word of mouth will only go so far to establish customers for your business. Your early marketing strategy should include at least one or two of the following:

  • Radio advertisements
  • Online advertising with reputable websites that have high volume
  • Social media including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest 
  • Flyers, doorhangers, brochures
  • Trade shows
  • Magazines

"Pool Service Inc. plans on running a short add every sunday for 4 weeks with a local radio station. A Facebook page is already established that is maintained by Joe Smith for no cost, as well as an Instagram account with pictures of the pools of existing customers. Pool Service Inc. might consider advertising online with a reputable website as the business grows to reach a larger audience. 

Flyers and/or doorhangers will be distributed to houses surrounding existing customers in neighbourhoods where it's apparent that a large percentage of homes have pools."

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6. Funding Requirements

The funding requirements section may not be necessary for your pool service business plan if you have some capital to get you started. A general rule is to allow yourself at least a year to get established and assume that you may not cover your expenses during this time. 

If you do require funding this is where you ask for the exact amount of money you need to get started. It's a good idea to look at the absolute minimum you will need and the maximum you may need for a worst case scenario. Include a timeline if possible taking into consideration that it may take months for you to realize a profit for your business. 

"Pool Cleaner Inc. requires $10,000 capital to purchase necessary equipment, supplies, promotional material and uniforms. The initial capital is sufficient to cover start up costs for the first year which should be more than enough once a customer base is established and revenue is earned."

7. Financial Projections

The last part of your pool service business plan should include financial projections or a best guess of your future revenue and expenses. The projections should include both short-term and long-term projections and can even be broken down by month. If you live in an area where you will be working only part of the year due to weather restrictions it's important to use a shorter timeline for your financial forecast. 

An income statement is required for any business and a great way to get a quick snapshot of the business. This includes revenue, expenses, total income and taxes which will ultimately provide a net income for the business. The numbers you put together will be an estimate and it's always a good idea to underestimate revenue and overestimate expenses. 

We recommend researching templates online for financial projections that serve as a great starting point. The templates and tax software will help keep your business numbers in order and be invaluable when it's time to file your business taxes. The tax portion of a pool service business plan is beyond the scope of this article but there are several reputable companies that provide this service. 


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