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Smart water care and automated pool chemical management might sound like something from the future, but the good news is it's here now and it's here to stay. Reliable and hassle free pool care is now affordable for everyone and with the latest products on the market you can count on saving time, money and immediately enjoying your pool more.   

smart water care

We live in a time where products are becoming smart. Vehicles are now able to drive themselves and smart home devices are being used to automate laundry, lighting, home security and more. This same technology has led to the development of smart chemical monitoring systems that monitor and help balance pool water chemistry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any manual testing required. 

We'll take a look at the best smart water care systems and how they can help you maintain your pool with less time and effort than ever before. 

salt water pool maintenance guide

What is Smart Water Care?

Smart water care simplifies and in some cases eliminates the process of pool chemical testing and balancing. It does this by electronically interpreting chemical readings like ORP, pH and temperature to provide precise chemical dosage requirements. The days of testing pool water every day, carrying out complicated calculations or handling harsh chemicals are over. It makes pool maintenance easier, faster and cheaper.

There are 3 simple steps that make up smart water care:

1. Smart pool monitoring system
2. Wireless notification
3. Adding chemicals or pods

1. Smart Pool Monitor

A smart pool monitor is a device that constantly measures chemical levels of pool or hot tub water electronically. It eliminates the need to test regularly because it operates around the clock on battery power, even when you are sleeping. The device floats freely on the surface of the water or attaches to the skimmer intake. 

The monitor relays real-time levels of pH, ORP, free chlorine and water temperature. With the pHin Smart Water Care Monitor you have the option of using supplied test strips to receive electronic readings of alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid. 

A Wi-Fi signal that reaches the monitor is required in order to allow communication between the smart monitor and the application

smart pool monitor

2. Wireless Notification

The data gathered by the monitor is constantly sent to a smartphone and accessed through a free pool App provided by the monitoring company. The real-time data specific to the pool being monitored is presented in an easy-to-read digital format including color-coded discs. You can count on receiving alerts and notifications wirelessly whether you are at work, a children's sporting event or on the golf course. 

The automatic water testing provides simple chemical dosing calculations and alerts if water needs immediate attention or regular maintenance. The smart monitor will also keep a record of chemical trends specific to your pool that allow the software to make incredibly accurate dosing recommendations. This will help identify potential problems related to poor chemistry like algae blooms before they happen.

intelligent pool notification

3. Adding Chemicals or Pods

Adding chemicals and balancing pool water can be frustrating and time-consuming and can even lead to an unsafe pool if done incorrectly. With the latest smart water care devices you don't have to worry about calculations or measuring chemicals ever again.

The same way you add pods to your dishwasher or laundry, you simply add pre-measured, color-coded pods or packets to your pool. Whether you need to increase or decrease levels that are out of balance, you add the recommended amount of pod(s) to bring your water back to the desired level, it's that easy. 

automated chemical management

Subscription and Smart Ordering

The convenience of pre-portioned chemical pods goes a step further with smart ordering and home delivery. This means that you don't have to think or worry about ordering more chemicals as you use them. The software automatically keeps track of your inventory and orders more of a specific chemical only when you need it. 

The subscription service is available for a monthly fee and completely takes pool maintenance to the next level. The cost of the service is less than what you would pay for a pool service technician to maintain your pool and starts at around $50 a month plus shipping costs. 

Use Your Own Chemicals

Another option is to use your own chemicals to keep your water balanced. This method means you will be using the smart water care monitor to get constant chemical readings but instead of adding pre-measured packets, you will be adding your own chemicals. The monitoring device starts at around $25 a month for the first year and $9 a month after the first year. 

This method comes with the added convenience of scanning barcodes of major chemical manufacturers packages through the App so you can receive instant dosing instructions. Most major pool and hot tub chemical brands are supported by the application with more brands to be added the future. 

Automatic Chemical Dispense

The absolute latest in smart water care technology is taking chemical monitoring and balancing into the future. You will soon be able to install a monitoring device that attaches to your skimmer intake and automatically adds chemicals for you whenever needed. This incredible advancement in pool automation has the ability to test and treat water every day for the ultimate in hassle free pool care. 

Smart Monitors and Salt Water Pools

As a salt water pool owner you might be wondering how smart technology can be incorporated into your existing salt system. The answer is that it will work very well in tandem with the chlorine generator and will further reduce the amount of chemicals required to keep the pool water balanced. 

The monitor itself is designed to be used in any type of pool or hot tub including salt water and bromine. The monitor calculates many variables when providing chemical dosing recommendations including chlorine, pH and temperature in addition to oxygen reduction potential.  

Smart Water Care System

The best smart water care systems on the market today monitor chlorine and pH directly or through ORP measurements that include water temperature. They will remove human error and reduce the cost to operate your swimming pool. 


pHin smart water care will monitor chemical and temperature levels in chlorine, salt and bromine pools and hot tubs. The Wi-Fi enabled device features alerts, on-demand service through a state of the art mobile application software and professional advice all at your fingertips. 

The monitor can be used to determine chemical dosing requirements for almost any major chemical brand or through a deluxe subscription that includes pre-measured chemicals that are delivered to your home as needed. 

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