Above Ground Pool Light

An above ground pool light will keep your pool glowing into the night and give it that unique look and feel that your family and friends will be sure to enjoy.  Give your pool a calm, relaxed atmosphere with traditional soft white lighting or give it life with vibrant colors or floating fountains.  Whatever the occasion or function you are sure to find pool lighting that suits what you are looking for.

above ground pool light

Lights for above ground pools are made to be portable, low maintenance and easy to use.  Several options are available including lights that attach to your vinyl liner or metal wall, hang on the pool ledge or for the ultimate ease of use a floating light.

An above ground pool wall light will illuminate your entire pool with the same brilliance of an underwater light you would find in an inground pool without the hassle.  An LED light emits a soft glow that will light up your pool without disturbing the neighbors.  The light is held by a magnet that is attached on the outside of the liner wall.  It is easily installed and moved by simply separating the magnet.  Plug the light in and enjoy the light for many hours into the night.

Above Ground Pool Light Options

Another low maintenance option when considering above ground pool lights is a light that hangs from the pool ledge.  The light extends underwater and illuminates the entire pool with brilliant or soft colors depending on the occasion.  They operate on electricity and need to be plugged into a regular household power outlet.  The Intex above ground Led light magnetic light attaches to any metal pool liner and provides amazing lighting for hours. 

A popular choice with above ground pool owners are pool floating lights.  They are available in vibrant colors as well as soothing, calm colors.  The light floats freely around the pool providing enough light to illuminate the entire pool.  Simple to use and maintain which will allow more time to be spent enjoying your pool.

A solar pool light will give you all the benefits of a portable, floating light with the added benefit of utilizing the suns energy.  During the day the light will harness the suns energy and when the sun goes down, provide hours of light using the stored energy.  This will result in reduced electrical costs and you’ll be helping the environment!

An above ground pool lights is available in many varieties, choose the right one that fits what you want out of a light and enjoy your pool after the sun goes down.

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