Above Ground Pool Lights

An above ground pool light will keep your pool lit up into the nighttime hours and give it a unique look and feel that your family and friends will be sure to enjoy. You can create a calm, relaxed atmosphere with traditional soft white lighting or add some fun with vibrant colors and quality sound with the latest bluetooth floating wireless speaker lights. Whatever the occasion or function you are sure to find pool lighting that suits what you are looking for.

above ground pool light

Lights for above ground pools are made to be portable, low maintenance and easy to use. The latest options include lights that attach to your vinyl liner or metal wall, float freely creating unique lighting and vibrant sound streamed from your mobile device. Whether you are creating a safe nighttime swimming experience or creating an atmosphere for a party or special occasion there are affordable options for any budget.

Above Ground Pool Light Options

The options are almost endless when it comes to choosing the right lighting for your above ground pool. You can go with a simple wall hanging light that will provide a soft white light for extending your swimming hours or you can step it up with an array of color options. The addition of wireless technology to pool lighting means you can enjoy lighting and sound in one convenient device that you can control in the palm of your hands. 

Floating Above Ground Pool Lights

A popular choice with above ground pool owners are pool floating lights. They are waterproof, available in vibrant or soothing colors and incredible sound that can be controlled wirelessly through your phone, tablet or computer. The light floats freely around the pool providing enough light to illuminate the entire pool and enough sound to keep the party going. They are incredibly simple to use and you can just simply let it float around while you enjoy the water, light and sound they produce.  

Cowin Floating Pool Light with Bluetooth

The Cowin Floating Pool Light is available in 3 attractive colours and is our favourite because it does so much in one convenient little unit. You can enjoy 32 different LED colors in 5 different lighting modes. The advanced Bluetooth means you can listen to your favourite music in high quality, crystal clear sound with enhanced bass boost. This floating, waterproof light is ultra resilient and is backed by an 18 month worry free warranty. This light is ideal for children and adults in the pool, hot tub, camping or anywhere there's water. 

Blufree LED Floating Wireless Pool Light

The Blufree LED Wireless Pool Light combines amazing surround sound and 7 different color changing themes. It's rugged, waterproof and you can enjoy it whether you're swimming, boating, camping or anywhere you want brilliant light and sound. The wireless Bluetooth speaker has an 8 hour playback time on one charge and can be recharged over and over again. Enjoy this cool light that connects with your iPhone or any phone, tablet and computer. This unit is available in three colors; purple, white and yellow. 

Above Ground Pool Hanging Wall Lights

An above ground pool wall light will illuminate your entire pool with the same brilliance as underwater lighting typically used for inground pools. The latest LED lights emit a soft glow that will light up your pool without disturbing the neighbors. The light hangs on the edge of the pool wall or is attached by the built in magnet. They are easily installed and moved by simply moving the lights along the edge or separating the magnet.  

NiteLighter LED Above Ground Pool Hanging Light

The NiteLighter LED Hanging Wall Light is a great way to bring ambient light to your above ground pool. The light attaches to any steel pool wall and can be moved by loosening and tightening the thumb dial, with no drilling required. It's certified to UL safe lighting standards and uses low voltage power to power the soft glowing LED lights. It's perfect for nighttime swims where you don't want an overpowering light. Enjoy these high quality underwater above ground pool lights day and night in your own backyard oasis.

Solar Floating Above Ground Pool Lights

solar pool light will give you all the benefits of a portable, floating light with the added benefit of utilizing the suns energy instead of battery power or electricity. During the day the light will harness the suns energy and when the sun goes down, provide hours of light using the stored energy. 

Game Floating Solar Pool Light

The Game Floating Solar Pool Light will provide lighting into the nighttime for up to 6 hours be simply allowing it to charge in the sunlight during the daytime. Enjoy 7 light modes that shuffle on their own so you can relax and enjoy your pool and the soothing light. This attractive addition to any pool will create an underwater light show with soft light and can be manually turned if you don't need light or you want to allow it to recharge. Transform your pool into a soft glowing oasis that your friends and family are going to love with this affordable above ground pool light.


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