Above Ground Pool Slides

An above ground pool slide can be an exciting and thrilling addition that your children and the whole family will be sure to enjoy throughout the summer months. There are several varieties of pool slides available and it’s just a matter of choosing the one that works with your pool or pool area. You may be limited by the size, type or design of your pool or deck and it's always important to keep safety in mind when choosing the right slide for your pool.

above ground pool slide

If you are restricted by the size of your pool or feel limited with the options available you might want to consider a pool toy, kiddie pool or even a water slide activity center. There are some amazing slides for inground pools that may work safely for your above ground pool if you have an adjacent deck that is sturdy and you have enough room available. If you are looking to add fun accessories there are also some great above ground pool alternatives that will bring water fun to your backyard pool area for a lot less than you might think. 

Inflatable Above Ground Pool Slides

The biggest deciding factor in choosing a slide is whether or not you have an adjacent deck to your pool and if the deck is capable of holding a slide securely. If you don't have a pool deck surrounding your pool you may want to consider an inflatable pool water slide. They can be a ton of fun, some even utilize your average garden hose for an added water affect that also makes the slide more slippery, and fun. 

Intex Kool Splash Inflatable Pool Water Slide

The Intex Kool Splash Inflatable Pool Slide is constructed with 20 gauge vinyl that's fused with strong seams that will resist tearing. It's built with 5 separate air chambers for extra safety along with heavy duty handles for safer climbing. It's a great slide for any above ground pool with a sufficient pool deck height. A great option is to use it as a standalone slide by simply attaching a garden hose to introduce water to the slide area. The slide comes with a giant inflatable basketball hoop at the time of this article.

Above Ground Pool Slide Alternatives

If your pool isn't suitable for a water slide you might want to consider an inflatable kiddie pool, play center or inflatable toy that can be enjoyed by kids and adults. A kiddie pool can be placed next to the main pool so children can enjoy their own water park while the adults swim in the pool. If you have small children they can provide hours of fun in the sunshine and are a great way to introduce your loved ones to the water. There are some great kids themed play centers that can even be transformed into a beach event with some added sand. 

Honey Joy Inflatable Water Slide Park

The Honey Joy Inflatable Water Slide is the ultimate in back yard play areas. Your family will enjoy multiple play forms including; water slide, climbing, swimming, jumping and even blasting water at each other. There really is nothing as cool as bringing the water park to your very own back yard with this ultra durable water park slide. It comes with two sprayers for soaking fun as well as a built in pool for relaxing or staying cool on a hot summer day. We recommend purchasing the reliable B-Air Koala Blower to be used withe this play center. 

Intex Inflatable Kiddie Pool with Water Slide

A ton of fun is waiting with the Intex Fun 'n Fruity Inflatable Kiddie Pool with Water Slide. The fruit themed play center is going to be a hit with the kids aged 2 and up, and will transform any outdoor play area with a giant place to splash and have fun. This backyard mini park can be connected to a water tube or you can add some sand to create a mini beach. It's made of high quality materials and the design has safety in mind with handrails and even a sponge cushion padding. Inflate with an electric pool pump and easily deflate for storage when it's not being used or the summer is over. 

Fun Knuckles Pool Basketball Hoop

The Fun Knuckles Pool Basketball Hoop is a great way to add fun and activity to your above ground pool. If your pool isn't big enough to support a slide this little bundle might even provide more fun than a slide. The hoop is made of high quality, durable materials and includes a basketball that's perfect for water play whether it's a competitive game of 21 or you're just having fun trying to get a basket. This is a great value for the amount of fun you're going to have with this above ground pool slide alternative. 

Kurala Inflatable Pool Water Wheel

The Kurala Inflatable Water Wheel is a super fun addition to any pool of adequate size. You can crawl in it, run in it or bounce on it and all of them will be enjoyed by children all summer long. The sturdy construction consists of thick PVC material that's also soft to the touch. It's easy to inflate and deflate with an air pump or electric pump, which isn't included. This above ground pool slide alternative is 4 feet in diameter and recommended for ages 3 and up. Add color and fun to your pool this year with this giant roller float. 

Above Ground Pool Slide Safety

Safety and location are the two most important considerations when installing your new slide. The slide should be placed where it there is a sturdy base and where you children have safe access to the steps as well. The slide should flow in a direction so that children have a safe entry point to the water without hitting a wall or object in the pool. Always follow the manufacturers instructions before using and check for sturdiness before allowing children or anyone to use the slide.

Any product that inflates is always susceptible to punctures or tears in the material that will lead to the product deflating.  It's unfortunate but it does happen and it's common for manufacturers to not provide a warranty for this type of product.  If you want to extend the life of the product you might want to consider a vinyl patch kit that can be very handy when fixing your above ground pool slide.


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