Above Ground Pool Vacuum

An above ground pool vacuum will keep your pool liner sparkling clean and your pool more inviting all season long.  Instead of spending hours cleaning your pool manually, simply plug in your automatic cleaner and let it do the work for you while you sit back, relax and enjoy.

above ground pool vacuum

The first thing people notice when they see a pool is how clean it is. An automatic vacuum cleaner will help you achieve this cleanliness, usually in one hour or less.  While you spend time with your family or doing anything else your cleaner will clean every inch of your pool.  Some cleaners are so efficient that they even filter down to 5 microns, which is more efficient than most diatomaceous earth pool filters, the best quality filtration available. 

The main difference between above ground cleaners and an inground pool cleaner is that above ground pool cleaners are generally smaller.  This allows them to clean smaller areas and they also don't require a separate booster pump for operation. The manufacturer will specify which type of pool the cleaner is suited for to avoid confusion. 

Above Ground Pool Vacuum Options

pool cleaner robot operates on electricity and is completely separate from the pool system.  This type of cleaner is can be programmed to operate when you aren't using your pool so you can return to a sparkling clean pool.  The other advantage is that they won't decrease the pool circulation because they operate independent of the pool line. The main downside is they are a bit more costly than other options.

The other most common option when considering a pool vacuum are suction pool cleaners or pressure pool cleaner that use suction or pressure created by the pool pump for its energy.  They attach to the existing pool line and create suction from the force of the pool pump.  The pool pump needs to be operating for this type of cleaner to operate. 

If you prefer the manual approach there are battery powered pool cleaners that are ideal for smaller pools or minor spot cleaning.  The technology available today provides for some very good affordable options for manual pool cleaning.

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in the automated pool cleaner industry with models that are more efficient, more reliable and last longer than ever before.  An automatic above ground pool vacuum will make your pool maintenance so much easier and allow you more time to enjoy your clean pool.  Imagine how much less time you will spend on maintaining your pool with an above ground pool vacuum cleaner and a low maintenance salt water pool.

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