Above Ground Pool Vacuums

An above ground pool vacuum cleaner will keep your pool free of dirt and debris all season long with little to no effort. The latest automatic cleaners will get the average pool clean in a couple hours instead of spending time spot vacuuming. Simply attach the cleaner to the return line of your pool system and let it to do the work for you while you carry on your busy day. Whether you're looking for an automatic pool cleaner to take care of leaves or a handheld vacuum to tidy up, there's something that's going to work for your pool. 

above ground pool vacuum

The first thing people notice when they see a pool is how clean it is and if the water is crystal clear you're going to enjoy diving in a lot more. While you spend time with your family or doing anything else your cleaner will clean every inch of your pool and some cleaners are so efficient that they even filter down to 5 microscopic microns. This makes them equally or more efficient than most diatomaceous earth pool filters found in inground pools, the best quality filtration available so you know your pool will look fantastic all season long. 

Types of Above Ground Pool Vacuums

There are a few different options where it comes to keeping your above ground pool clean. The biggest thing is determining what type of pool you have, including the size. While some inground pool cleaners will work, they may damage an above ground pool liner. The main difference between above ground cleaners and an inground cleaner is the tread and size. The smaller size allows them to clean smaller areas and they also don't require a separate booster pump for operation. 

Automatic Above Ground Pool Vacuums

An automatic pool vacuum will keep your above ground pool clean and do the work when you're not around. They are affordable and are worth every penny especially if you are using your pool a lot throughout the season. If your pool is next to trees that shed leaves, twigs and even flowers you will really enjoy the benefit of an automatic pool cleaner. We recommend using a pool leaf canister to catch large debris and leaves so they don't block or clog the pump filter basket or filter. It easily splices into the hose between the vacuum head and the suction or return line.

Hayward Above Ground Suction Pool Cleaner

The Hayward Wanda the Whale Above Ground Pool Cleaner is an automatic cleaner that attaches the suction side of the pool system. The unique turbine system utilizes the suction pressure to vacuum up debris while moving it gently and quietly around the pool. It's equipped with the patented SmartDrive technology so it covers ever corner of the pool floor. It also reduces friction while it guides it away from walls, steps and ladders to complete the cleaning cycle. It installs in less than 10 minutes by connecting to your skimmer intake and comes with a 32 foot long hose.

Pentair Kreepy Krauly Above Ground Pool Vacuum

The Pentair Kreepy Krauly Pool Vacuum is a powerful and fun way to clean away debris from the bottom of your above ground pool. The dual band of bristles scrub and loosen dirt and grime so you can count on no missed spots that some of the other cleaners leave behind. It's 10" wide path will have your pool free and clear of twigs, leaves and debris in no time so you can start enjoying your nice clean pool. It attaches to the suction side of of your pool and can be programmed for complete pool coverage in minutes. 

Intex Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

The Intex Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner will keep your pool clean with its patented auto reverse direction and long 24 foot hose so every time you go for a swim the pool is crystal clean. It works with above ground filter pumps with a flow rate between 1,600 and 3,500 gallons per hour. It's built to last with quality materials that will stand up to being submerged for hours while it's cleaning and stored waiting to be used again. This cleaner is perfect for Intex pools 24 feet and smaller and uses a 1.25" hose fitting. 

Zodiac Suction Side Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

The Zodiac Ranger Above Ground Pool Vacuum glides across the bottom of the pool effortlessly and quietly without getting caught up on steps or other obstacles. It's effective at cleaning most above ground pools but isn't recommended for soft side or Intex pools. It's simple design with one moving part technology eliminates annoying noises while it cleans effectively and quietly. The deflector wheel helps prevent it from getting caught in corners and allows it to carry on and get the entire pool clean. The self adjusting flow control valve automatically regulates water flow to ensure peak performance. 

Robotic Above Ground Pool Vacuums

A robotic pool cleaner is powered by electricity and operates separate from the pool system so it doesn't rely the pool pump or water suction for cleaning power. It won't hinder the pools circulation because it operates independent of the pool line. An automatic robot cleaner can be programmed to operate when you aren't using your pool so you can return to a sparkling clean pool time and time again. The onboard filter system also means that you simply remove debris as you would a regular vacuum and you won't have to deal with a clogged skimmer basket.

Dolphin Robotic Above Ground Pool Vacuum

The Dolphin Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner is the ultimate in pool cleaning technology. This automatic vacuum cleaner is without question the easiest and best way to keep your pool clean and is the perfect solution for pools up to 30 feet long. You can count on a crystal clear pool in about 1.5 hours, while it does the hard work you can get other chores done or just relax. The superior filter system clears out microscopic debris while the floor scrubbing mechanism gets the liner sparkling clean for an unbeatable combination. Save energy, save time and enjoy this beauty that's backed by a 2-year worry free warranty. 

Handheld Above Ground Pool Vacuums

A handheld above ground pool vacuum is perfect if you prefer the hands on manual approach to cleaning. You can clean up small areas in no time and some handhelds have enough power to even clean small and medium sized pools with a bit of elbow grease and effort. The lithium ion battery technology allows for multiple recharges and will provide enough power to get even the most stubborn debris out of your pool or hot tub. 

Pool Blaster Cordless Handheld Above Ground Pool Vacuum

The Pool Blaster Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a great addition to any sized pool. It is ideal to have around as a spot cleaner to supplement your main cleaning system but it is also powerful enough to keep an entire small pool clean with a bit of time and effort. It can be used for pools or hot tubs and because it doesn't have any cords or hoses you can clean quickly and easily. The lithium ion batteries means you can run the cleaner for up to 1 hour and simply recharge it while you are using it, so it's ready for the next quick and easy clean up. Try attaching it to a standard telescoping pole for those hard to reach areas. 

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in the automated pool cleaner industry with models that are more efficient, more reliable and last longer than ever before. An automatic above ground pool vacuum will make your pool maintenance so much easier and allow you more time to enjoy your clean pool. Imagine how much less time you will spend on maintaining your pool with an above ground pool vacuum cleaner and a low maintenance salt water pool.


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