Battery Powered Pool Cleaner

A battery powered pool cleaner is a relatively new addition to the pool cleaner industry and with the addition of rechargeable technology it will always be ready when you need it.  This type of portable and lightweight cleaner can be used for all types of pools and are intended for hard to reach areas, small swimming pools, spas and spot cleaning.  They can be used almost anywhere and anytime and takes very little time to set up and start using.

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These handy units operate with either regular AA batteries or the added convenience and affordability of rechargeable batteries. The lithium ion or nickel cadmium batteries can be recharged hundreds of times so you can be sure to get lots of use and cleaning our of your cleaner.  The compact units are made to be lightweight and built for portability and ease of use with no hoses or cords to get in the way.

It’s important to note that there are several portable pool cleaners available that aren't rechargable.  The batteries will need to be replaced periodically depending on how often you use your cleaner but it's a good idea to keep spare batteries around for when you need to give your pool a clean.  

Many of the top models of battery operated cleaners have options that allow the cleaner to be attached to a telescoping pole to achieve a longer reach if needed.  The attached vacuum bag will need to be emptied occasionally and in most cases it's a matter of unscrewing it and emptying into your household garbage. 

If you find that a manual pool cleaner is taking too long to clean your pool you might want to consider an automatic pool vacuum.  A battery powered pool cleaner is ideal for spot cleaning but for bigger jobs it can be time consuming and a head ache.  The combination of using an automatic cleaner for bigger swimming pools and a smaller portable cleaner for touch ups is a great idea.  Let the automatic cleaner do the bigger work on a set schedule and take care of the minor details when its needed.

How a Battery Powered Pool Cleaner Works

The main advantages of rechargeable cleaners is that they are lightweight, cordless and can be recharged when needed.  A portable hand held cleaner can be very effective at certain times of the year and to get into hard to reach areas of your pool that your automatic cleaner has troubles reaching.  They are designed to quickly removed debris including leaves, sand and algae. 

They are ideal for touch ups for in ground pools but can be used as the sole cleaning device for smaller above ground pools and spas.  A battery operated cleaner is compact yet it can still pick up almost anything that ends up in your pool that you don't want in there.  The built in filter can be emptied easily and cleaned with a garden hose or something similar.

When you are finished cleaning they can be stored away neatly and they don't take up a lot of room.  If you are tight for space in your pool shed they can be hung up out of the way for easy storing and access.  It's important to recognize that they aren't good for big jobs or large pools as the main method of keeping your pool clean.  A battery powered pool cleaner has it's definite advantages and are worth having around your pool all year long. 

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