Fiber Optics Pool Lighting

Fiber optics pool lighting will produce stunning colors for your salt water pool or spa. Juice up the landscaping around your pool or enhance that immaculate waterfall feature. Fiber optics allows you the freedom to light almost anything including the perimeter of your pool or an adjacent walkway.

fiber optics pool lighting

Fiber optic lights consists of two main components, the light source and the optic cable.  The illuminator, or light source, produces varying colors of light, usually a white light shining through a color wheel that can be controlled by switch or automatically through a remote control.  The fiber optic cable inserts into the illuminator and the light travels the entire length of the cable.  The fact that the entire cable lights up allows for complete perimeter lighting or anything else you want to create.

A fiber optics light is a safe and reliable method of lighting.  The illuminator is situated away from your pool, which means no electricity or heat near your pool water.  The cable runs underground from the light source to a standard wall fitting in your pool wall. A proper fitting lens is required to house the cable.

Fiber Optics Pool Lighting Options

There are a lot of options when using fiber optic lights.  Since they don’t require a niche, or light housing, they can be installed almost anywhere.  They can run to underwater lenses, used in landscape lighting, outline pathways, run along stairs or the perimeter of your spa.  Increase the brightness of your fiber optics pool light by adding more strands of cable.  They really are user friendly and the results will be sure to amaze.

Fiber optics can be operated by flicking a switch on a control box or using a timer. Watch the light cycle through various colors automatically or use a remote for more control.  A remote control system can be used to time different colors or duration of light so you don’t have to do anything except enjoy your pool.

The main drawback to fiber optic pool lighting is its upfront cost and energy consumption.  They will require a separate control box that operates the various functions that can include a timer and various lighting displays that can have hundreds of settings so you can be sure to find one that you like!

Fiber optics pool lighting uses about four times as much energy as LED lights.  The cost is something to be considered but you can be sure that you will have almost limitless coloring options that will suite just about any backyard pool setting. 


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