Pool Diving Board

A pool diving board is probably the most widely used accessory with residential pool and will add thrills and excitement for all ages and for many years.  A quality board will provide years of diving, jumping and launching into the air but they do wear out over the years and lose their spring or bounce.  Whether you are looking for a brand new diving board assembly or a replacement board and stand we'll discuss everything you need to know. 

pool diving boardS.R. Smith Flyte-Deck II 8-Foot Diving Board

In order to ensure your diving board is safe to use you should carry out a yearly check to inspect the overall condition.  This should be done in the spring during your pool opening because of the increased risk of damage during the winter and off season months when the board isn't being used and is subjected to harsher weather. 

When you are checking the board and stand for wear and tear you want to focus on a few things.  The first is to look for any obvious signs of wear in the form of visible cracks all the way down to subtle things like the grip wearing off the surface of the board.  You also want to make sure that all the screws or other fastening devices are installed and securely fit. 

There are three main designs that differ in the mechanics of both the board and the stand.  A jump board is a flexible board on a base that utilized a spring mechanism.  A typical diving board that you find in most residential pools has a flexible board on a rigid base.  The final option is called a diving platform which features a rigid board on a rigid base that is commonly found in commercial pools.

One of the top manufacturers of diving boards in the world is S.R. Smith.  They've been in the business for over 75 years and if you've used a diving board chances are you're used one of theirs.  If you would like to watch an informative video on how a diving board is made be sure to watch Diving Boards - How It's Made

We'll discuss the different types of boards as well as go over some important things you should know when purchasing a new pool diving board for your pool. 

Salt Friendly Pool Diving Boards

If you own a salt water pool you may have concerns about corrosion and premature wear and tear.  If you keep your pool balanced and follow the manufacturers recommendations for chemistry you shouldn't notice any corrosion to metal hardware in your pool.  If you want extra assurance that your diving board will last a long time you can look for specifications that indicate a product is salt friendly.  The S.R. Smith Salt Pool Jump System is perfect for pool owners that want to take the extra precaution.  

Jump Boards vs Diving Boards

If you own a residential salt water pool you will be choosing between a jump board and a typical diving board.  The main difference is that a jump board has a base and board with a spring mechanism where as a typical diving board has a rigid base.  If you are looking for more spring and flexibility you will want to consider a board with both a spring stand and board. 

If you want a more conservative pool diving board you should consider a less flexible design with a rigid base and wide board designed with composite materials.  They are designed for the average pool owner and will last many years.  

Pool Diving Board Safety

Each has their advantages and disadvantages and it will depend what you want for your pool and the people who are going to use it.  A typical diving board is recommended for all ages and is the most versatile of the three types.  With all the options available you are sure to find one that suits what you are looking for.

All diving boards are manufactured with quality and safety in mind.  The non-slip surface prevents accidental slips and falls.  As with pool slides safety is very important and the following is a reminder of safety rules that should be enforced at every residential pool. 

  • No running, roughhousing or horseplay
  • Never dive, jump, or slide into shallow water
  • Keep the deck clear of hazardous or breakable objects
  • Never swim or dive alone
  • Adults must supervise children

These rules are pretty basic and don’t replace good human judgment.  Diving from a diving board or sliding down a slide is probably the most fun you can have around a pool.  After ensuring the basic safety considerations there is nothing left to do but enjoy and have fun!

If your board isn't working quite right or has lost its bounce it can either be the platform or the diving board stand.  A replacement diving board platform may only be necessary if your diving board stand is still in good shape.  Check to make sure the pool diving board and stand are compatible and save money by purchasing only what you need.


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