Pool Light Covers

Pool light covers will convert your traditional white incandescent light into an assortment of vibrant colors. All replacement cover lenses are available in many color options including; blue, red, green, magenta, teal, purple and amber. Aftermarket lenses are often compatible with all the major pool brands and can be simply clipped or snapped into place. You can transform your pool into a soothing blue paradise for the ultimate pool party or create a warm red serene place to spend the evening with loved ones. 

pool light covers

Pool light covers are available in single colors or in multi color kits. If you want to change the color for a special occasion, lens covers can be easily removed by simply snapping them off. It’s an easy way to change the entire look of your pool in a matter of minutes. It’s important to remember that different colors will emit different levels of brightness. White light will shine the brightest and blue light will be substantially dimmer. This effect can be used if you want to create a more mellow and relaxing environment.

Best Pool Light Covers

Pool light lens covers are made of a sturdy composite that will withstand heat as well as being constantly submerged underwater. The lens is specifically designed to fit snug to an existing light bulb housing but be sure they are compatible with your existing lighting. It’s important to determine the manufacturer and appropriate size of light to ensure proper fit. Most pool light bulbs are approximately 8 inches in diameter and spa light bulbs are approximately 4 inches in diameter.

Universal Replacement Lens Cover

The Universal Pool Light Lens from Swimables is an all in one lens cover replacement that's compatible with the major brands; Pentair, Jandy and Hayward. They are strategically designed to clip on easily in only a few seconds. The quality is the same or better than the original major manufacturer so you can count on years of usage.

These pool light covers are available in beautiful blue and red so you can choose which mood you'd like to create by simple clamping them on and off. These lens covers don't require mounting clips since they are equipped with factory tabs for fastening to the preexisting cover housing. 

incandescent pool replacement lens
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Clear Tempered Replacement Lens 

The Hayward Tempered Clear Replacement Lens is designed for use with Hayward pool lights, specifically the Universal ColorLogic and CrystaLogic series. They are a direct replacement for the original lens made from tempered glass. Tempered glass is known for being very durable, strong and resistant to heat and impact.

The pool light cover lens can withstand the harsh pool environments, including exposure to water, chemicals, and varying temperatures. The lens is easily installed by simply following the manufacturer's instructions, and you shouldn't need a pool professional to assist you. 

tempered clear pool lens replacement
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Colored Pool Lens Cover Kit

The Pentair Kwik Change Color Lenses are set of replacement covers designed for use with Pentair pool lights; IntelliBrite and Amerlite series. Easily change the color of your existing inground pool lighting so you can create different effects and enhance the overall ambiance of the pool. 

These quick change lenses are designed for hassle-free installation by any pool owner. They typically feature a twist-and-lock mechanism that allows users to quickly and securely change the lenses without the need for any tools or professional assistance. These pool light covers come in a wide range of colors, allowing you to customize your pool lighting.

pentair kwik change colored covers
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Pool Light Covers Alternatives

If changing or replacing pool light lens covers is not something you want to have to deal with every time you want to change the color or mood of your pool, there are some alternatives. The latest technology in color changing LED lights allows you to create fantastic pool water colors like never before and most can be wirelessly controlled in the palm of your hand. This type of lighting will truly transform the look of your pool in seconds and give you complete control of many different light settings with the push of a button.

Submersible LED Lights 

The Gukkicco Submersible LED Pool Lights come with suction cups and magnets so you can attach them to any underwater pool surface. The strong magnets and waterproof design allow them to be used underwater for long periods of time so you can enjoy amazing light almost anywhere. The lights can be controlled by remote control from a distance of up to 200 feet and down to a depth of 5 meters underwater. 

The light features include 15 high-quality LED lamp beads that will deliver vivid and bright color up to 3 times that of other types of pool led lights. The lights are powered with 3-AAA batteries to deliver up to 20 hours of lighting. There are 16 color modes including; flash, fade and smooth as well as 3 timer buttons; 2H, 4H and 6H. 

submersible led lights
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Underwater Color Changing Lights

Another option that's a lot easier and more convenient than changing your pool light covers is to install underwater color changing lights. These submersible lights are completely rechargeable with a 2600mAh battery that charges quickly and lasts a long time. They are 5 times brighter than most other submersible lights that are equipped with a much smaller battery. 

These versatile pool lights are suitable for uneven surfaces with the patented bonding method to almost any surface whether it's smooth or bumpy. They come equipped with powerful magnets so they can attach to any metal surface and won't fall off. The color changing LEDs can be remote controlled and instructed to 6 kinds of dynamic modes and 3 timer modes for complete customization. 

underwater color changing lights
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Much like repainting you’re a room in your house, lighting will create a new and fresh look for a very reasonable cost. Lens covers are ultimately a very affordable way to transform the look and feel of your salt water swimming pool. If your existing lighting allows you this option it's a great update for a low cost. 

Pool Light Covers FAQs

How do I install a pool light cover?

Installing a cover starts with turning off the power to the pool light, removing the existing cover by unscrewing or unlocking it, placing the new cover over the light fixture and securing it according to the manufacturer's instructions. 

How do I clean a pool light cover?

First turn off the power to the light, then remove the cover and wash it with a mild detergent and water. Rinse thoroughly and ensure it is completely dry before reinstalling. 

Can I replace a pool light cover myself?

Yes, replacing a cover is typically a straightforward DIY task. Consult the manufacturer's instructions if you're uncertain about the process. 

What are pool light covers made of?

They are commonly made of durable materials such as polycarbonate or tempered glass. These materials are designed to withstand the water and chemicals in a pool environment while providing protection for the light fixture. 

How do I choose the right size pool light cover?

Selecting the right size cover, measure the diameter of your existing light fixture or the diameter of the pool light nice. Compare the measurements to the available options provided by the manufacturer to ensure a proper fit. 


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