Solar Power Pool Cleaners

A solar power pool cleaner is an innovative device that utilizes solar energy to clean and maintain your pool water cleanliness. They are an eco-friendly and efficient solution for keeping your pool water crystal clear without relying on electricity or the pool system for its operation. The robotic skimmer works autonomously and as long as it receives direct sunlight it will constantly filter debris on the surface of your pool. You can count on less time cleaning debris before and after each swim and enjoy your pool more often. 

solar power pool cleaner

While robotic solar power pool cleaner skimmers are a relatively new product to the pool world they work really well at keeping water clean throughout the pool season. With features like obstacle avoidance, onboard debris basket that's easy to remove and clean, UV resistant coating and salt water pool and pool chemical friendly components, they are worth serious consideration. You can finally say good bye to debris like leaves, pollen, dirt and bugs that are constantly finding their way into your pool with one of the best options when it comes to pool vacuum cleaners.  

How Solar Power Pool Cleaners Work

A solar power pool cleaner skimmer is a device that combines the functionality of a traditional skimmer or skimmer net with solar power technology. It's designed to remove debris such as leaves, insects and other floating particulate from the waters surface. The device consists of a floating unit that's typically made out of durable, buoyant and UV resistant materials to ensure stability and proper functioning. It's equipped with a solar panel that contains photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electrical energy. 

The robotic skimmer has an incorporated pump or suction system which draws water into the unit. As water is drawn into the skimmer, it passes through a collection basket or bag which captures and collects any debris and prevents it from reentering the pool. The debris is then manually removed via an easy to use handle and the basket can then be emptied so it can repeat the process again. 

solar power pool skimmers

Best Solar Power Pool Cleaners

The best solar power pool cleaners will help keep your pool water clean throughout the pool season. While a robotic skimmer will only keep the surface clean, it's a big step in pool maintenance and automation because most debris ends up in the water via the surface. The biggest benefit is of course it will operate completely independent of your pool system, and won't rely on the pump pressure or suction and of course any power. It's a cordless debris removing machine that will work tirelessly day after day as long as it receives a few hours of direct sunlight each day. 

Solar Powered Automatic Robotic Pool Skimmer

The Betta SE Solar Power Pool Cleaner Skimmer is arguably the best unit you can buy and there's good reason for it. It utilizes 100% solar power and automatically and continually cleans the surface of the water. Controls are effortless with a wireless remote control for manual operation if desired. It'll removed any debris including animal hairs, insects, leaves, pollen and dust. It uses ultrasonic radar to sense and avoid obstacles and with its built in bumper rods it can safely navigate any pool and keep the entire surface clean. 

The latest 2023 model has been upgraded and reengineered with components that can stand up to pool chemicals including salt water pools. You can count on a more energy efficient, responsive and reliable robot pool cleaner that will get the job done for many years. The unit features a large mesh debris basket with handle that makes it easy to cleaner without having to remove the basket. In addition, the casing has a UV resistant coating that will protect it from damage caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun. 

Betta SE Solar Powered Automatic Robotic Pool Skimmer

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betta se solar powered robotic pool skimmer

Automatic Solar Power Robot Pool Cleaner

The Ariel Solar Powered Pool Skimmer with easy to empty filter tray and integrated smart technology will keep you pool clean all season long. The built in obstacle avoidance and cordless design has been improved upon since 2011 to create one of the best solar power pool cleaners in the industry. The unit will run all day and into the evening utilizing the harnessed power of the sun and it even comes with an onboard backup battery. No cords, hoses or attachments, it'll just clean and give you more time to enjoy your pool instead of cleaning it.

The Ariel solar power pool cleaner features a slide out tray with embedded mesh filter that collects and retains particles all the way down to 200 microns. The large collection chamber has a high capacity for debris including leaves, pollen, dirt and bugs. The navigation system will find every corner of your pool and avoid obstacles with the onboard sensors and integrated smart technology. It has an easy one button start up and will clean until it's instructed to stop.

Ariel Solar Breeze Automatic Robot Pool Cleaner

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Benefits of a Solar Power Pool Cleaner

The benefits of using a solar power pool cleaner skimmer include energy efficiency, cost savings, convenience, environmental friendliness, and improved pool water quality. These devices offer a sustainable and effective solution for keeping pools clean while minimizing the ecological impact and operational costs associated with traditional pool cleaning methods.

  • They harness the sun's energy to operate, eliminating the need for traditional electricity sources. They are highly energy-efficient and can significantly reduce electricity costs associated with pool maintenance.
  • By utilizing solar power, these skimmers contribute to a cleaner and greener environment. They reduce reliance on fossil fuels and help decrease carbon emissions, making them an environmentally friendly choice for pool cleaning.
  • Since they don't require electricity from the grid, they can lead to substantial cost savings over time. Pool owners can enjoy reduced energy bills while still maintaining a clean and debris-free pool.
  • They are designed to work autonomously. Once set up, they operate automatically, continuously removing debris from the pool's surface. This saves time and effort for pool owners, as they don't have to manually skim or clean the pool as frequently.
  • By removing debris from the pool's surface, solar power pool cleaner skimmers help prevent the accumulation of dirt and particles in the pool's filtration and circulation systems. This can contribute to a longer lifespan for pool equipment, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • By regularly removing debris from the pool's surface, they help maintain water clarity. This leads to a more appealing and enjoyable swimming experience for pool users.
  • They are generally easy to install and maintain. They require minimal setup, and maintenance typically involves emptying the debris collection basket or bag regularly. There is no need for complex wiring or electrical connections.
  • They are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and are often made from durable materials. With proper care and maintenance, they can provide years of reliable service.

Solar Power Pool Cleaner FAQs

How does a solar power pool cleaner skimmer work?

It's a floating unit equipped with a solar panel to convert sunlight into electrical energy, powering a pump or suction system that draws water from the pool's surface and removes debris through a collection basket or bag. 

Are solar power pool cleaners effective at removing debris?

Yes, they are effective at removing debris from the pool's surface, including leaves, insects, and other floating particles. However, they are primarily designed for surface cleaning and may not be as effective at cleaning the pool floor or walls. 

Can solar power pool cleaner skimmers work at night or in cloudy weather?

They rely un sunlight to generate the electrical energy needed to operate. Therefore, they are generally not effective at night or in cloudy weather when sunlight is limited. Some models may have battery backups to extend operation during such conditions. 

How long does it take for a solar power pool cleaner skimmer to clean a pool?

The cleaning time can vary depending on factors such as pool size, debris levels and the specific model's cleaning efficiency. Generally, it can take several hours or more to effectively clean a pool's surface. 

Are solar power pool cleaner skimmers easy to install and maintain?

Yes, they are easy to install and maintain. They typically require minimal setup such as placing the floating unit in the pool, ensuring the solar panel is exposed to sunlight and regularly emptying the debris collection or bag. 


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