Above Ground Pool Covers

Above ground pool covers will keep your salt water pool clean and free of dirt and other debris when it's not being used.  A good quality cover is very beneficial when used regularly because it will help prevent water evaporation and provide an added safety barrier that will prevent children and pets from entering your pool while unsupervised. 

above ground pool covers

Up to 90% of your heat escapes through the surface of your pool.  A cover used regularly will prevent most of this heat from escaping and drastically reduce your pool heating costs.  If you use a solar cover you can actually turn the suns heat energy into heat for your pool.

A cover used regularly will prevent loss of water from your pool and by preventing this evaporation you will save time and money.  You will have to fill your pool up less often which means you conserve water.  It also reduces the amount of salt or chemicals needed to keep your water balanced.

It is amazing how much debris can end up in your pool water in such a short amount of time.  The debris can be from a nearby tree, blowing dirt or an insect that gets lured into your refreshing water.  Above ground swimming pool covers are probably utilized most for this reason.  When not in use, place the cover on your pool and when using again remove the cover and have a clean pool waiting for you.

Above Ground Pool Cover Options

A few covers available could be considered a safety barrier to prevent children or pets from entering your pool.  A cover should never be the only safety barrier. It should be used in addition to a perimeter safety fence or pool alarm.  Above ground pool covers are available in different sizes, shapes and materials all for a very affordable price.  They will all prevent evaporation and keep your pool clean for the most part.

A solar pool cover or solar blanket is a lightweight and affordable option that will reduce heating costs and provide decent protection from dirt and debris.  Easy to remove, apply and are rolled up for convenience using a pool cover reel.

A vinyl cover is lightweight yet durable, and the most common cover for above ground pools.  It can be purchased in many different shapes and sizes including round and oval.  The most common colour is blue but different shades and colours are available.

When choosing between different above ground pool covers it's important to ensure proper fit based on the size of your pool.  A snug fit will prevent dirt and debris from entering your pool and provide a layer of safety.  A safety fence or removing the ladder will provide a barrier to your pool and prevent unwanted children or pets from gaining access. 

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