Above Ground Pool Opening

Above ground pool opening and start-up is worth every minute of time and dollar spent and the end result is a clean and properly functioning pool that can be enjoyed all season long with no costly repairs or downtime for your pool. If you take the necessary steps now to ensure that the water is clean, balanced and the equipment is running smoothly you will save yourself headaches in the long run and enjoy a season of fun in the sun in your healthy pool. 

above ground pool opening

The required steps to getting your pool set up for the summer costs very little and requires a little bit of work and elbow grease. We recommend purchasing a pool opening kit with the required chemicals to get the water balanced that may have fallen out of balance over the winter. If you are starting fresh it's important to get water chemistry right to ensure clean water and a safe pool for anyone who enjoys the pool this season.  

Above Ground Pool Opening Kits

An above ground pool opening kit is essential to getting your pool off to a good start in the spring. Whether your pool water sat stagnant over the winter or you added fresh water and the chemistry was altered you will need to balance the water before it's safe to swim. An above ground pool opening kit is specifically designed for pool start-ups and the easiest and most affordable way to achieve perfect water that you can enjoy all year long. 

In The Swim Above Ground Pool Opening Kit

The In The Swim Above Ground Pool Opening Kit is the simplest, easiest and best way to open any pool up to 35,000 gallons water volume. All the chemicals are formulated by pool experts and pre-measured for ease of use. The powerful chlorine shock will give your pool an extra boost to eliminate bacteria and other contaminants that may have taken hold during the winter. The added scale, stain and rust preventer will prevent scale, make stains vanish and prevent rust all season long. The algaecide will kill and prevent algae blooms without staining your pool and the Sun Sorb sponge will absorb oils and lotions that can accumulate through regular pool use. Choose from one of three kits that are appropriate for the size of your pool.

Above Ground Pool Opening Step by Step

If it's the first time opening your above ground pool it's important to work through the following steps and get familiar with them before carrying them out. Most above ground pools are relatively simple to open or maintain and can be accomplished by any do it yourself pool owner that's willing to put the time and effort in. The pool opening steps below should help you through this process and you can always call your local pool professional if you are overwhelmed by the following above ground pool opening steps. 

You can take a water sample to your local pool supplier who will analyze the water chemistry and make recommendations based on your pool size, usage and existing chemistry. 

1)  Pool Cover Cleaning and Removal

If you installed a good quality cover and the proper chemicals during the previous years pool winterizing in the fall this step should be a snap. It will vary depending on the type of cover you used but it's important that the cover is clear of any debris or water before you attempt to remove it. If you try to remove the cover before cleaning it you can end up with debris or dirty water in your pool that will make it a lot harder to get your water clean and balanced. 

If you used a hard pool cover you may need to remove water from the top of the cover with a cover pump. If you notice that a large amount of leaves and similar debris are collecting on your cover over the winter you might also want to consider a leaf net that is placed on top of the cover and makes removing leaves a lot easier. After the cover is cleaned it should be relatively easy to remove with the help of a friend or family member. Take a few minutes and spray or hose off the cover before letting it fully dry and storing for the season.

2)  Cleaning and General Inspection

At this step of above ground pool opening you should have a relatively clean pool to work with. The water should be clean for the most part and little or no debris in the pool. You should give the liner walls and flooring a good clean if required and if you have an above ground pool vacuum now is a good time to use it to remove both small and large debris that may have ended up in the pool over the winter. 

Make sure the skimmer and basket are clear of debris and not obstructed by anything. Remove any devices used to prevent freezing damage including Gizmos or rubber stoppers. It's also a good time to do a general inspection of all the plumbing and pool equipment, looking for any cracks, leaks or signs of excessive wear and tear. If you live in a cold climate it’s important to check for damage due to extreme weather conditions.

3)  Adjust Water Level

You will need to attach plumbing and check all valves depending on the extent of your winterizing and the system you are using. If the electricity was shut off or disconnected that needs to be reactivated as well. Raise the water level to the appropriate level after the system checks out free of damage. Start the system and allow for purging of air as the water begins to cycle through the plumbing. Lastly, make sure the filter pump, heater and salt chlorine generator are functioning properly.

4)  Final Inspection

It’s a good idea to do a thorough final cleaning once the system is running smoothly. You can use a brush to scrub with your hands until your swimming pool is looking sparkling clean combine with a quality vacuum cleaner. Above ground pool opening can be a little bit time consuming but worth every minute in the long run, a clean pool will not only look good but also lengthen the life of your pool system and provide a healthier pool environment.

5)  Water Chemistry and Balancing

It’s important to allow the freshly added water mix with the existing pool water before testing the water chemistry with a pool test kit. This can take about 4 to 8 hours with the filter pump circulating water but it will depend on the size of your pool. This is the time to get the chemistry dialled in which may include adding salt, muriatic acid and even a pool shock. This chemical balancing should be followed through the season as you maintain your pool for optimal health and safety. 

6)  Hardware Installation

This is the final above ground pool opening step and it’s the one that makes your pool functional and potentially a lot of fun with the addition of cool gadgets or a pool slide. You should have removed and stored all hardware during winterization leaving it in great condition and ready to use for the coming swimming season. It’s always a good idea to inspect for damage or excessive wear and tear in the pool ladder or steps and replace if necessary.

Above ground pool opening and maintenance is quite easy especially if the proper steps are taken during winterizing. It’s worth taking the time to be thorough and getting your pool started on the right track so it can be enjoyed all summer long.


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