DE Pool Filter Maintenance

De pool filter maintenance can be a little bit complicated but doable for any handy pool owner with a little patience and knowledge about how the filters work.  The most common form of maintenance you will perform is a backwash and with average use you should need to be backwash the filter once every month or two depending on usage.

de pool filter maintenanceDicaLite Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filter Powder

The pressure gauge located on your filter should be monitored on a regular basis and when the pressure rises between 8 - 10 psi over normal starting pressure it's time to complete a backwash.  Normal starting pressure is the amount of pressure immediately after completing a backwash or as per the manufacturers recommendations.  Also refer to the manual that accompanied your filter for more details on proper operating pressure.

The are 3 important steps in order to complete a thorough de pool filter maintenance. The steps should be carried out in order and as often as necessary.  We've put together a step by step guide to help you along that include a backwash, grid cleaning and recharging with new diatomaceous earth filter powder. 

DE Filter Backwash Step by Step

  1. Empty skimmer of any debris
  2. Turn the pump off and empty pump trap basket
  3. Ensure there is no cutoff valve on the backwash line
  4. Set valve to “backwash” and run pump until sight glass is clear
  5. Turn pump off and set valve to “filter” and run for 15-20 seconds
  6. Repeat backwash and filter step 2-3 more times
  7. Add the appropriate amount of DE to the pool by feeding through the skimmer

Remember to turn your pool system off before changing valve settings. Personal injury can occur if you adjust valve settings while pump is running.

The next step in de pool filter maintenance is cleaning the filter. If the filter is not keeping your pool clean for at least a month and not related to water chemistry, it might indicate the filter needs to be cleaned.  This should only need to completed once or twice a year.

DE Pool Filter Maintenance Step by Step

  1. Run a backwash and turn off
  2. Open the air valve on tank
  3. Remove top of tank
  4. Remove the filter grid as a whole or piece by piece if necessary
  5. Remove dirt and debris from individual pieces with a garden hose or similar
  6. Filter cleaner may be necessary to get the proper level of cleanliness
  7. Clean tank out and check for signs of wear or damage on all parts
  8. Inspect fabric for rips or tears
  9. Reassemble the grid assembly as well as the fittings, and place in the filter
  10. Ensure O-ring is in good condition, replace if necessary
  11. Replace top of tank
  12. Turn pump on and open valve until water is released to remove all air from filter
  13. Recharge the filter with DE. (See Below)

DE Pool Filter Recharge

The amount of DE required will vary depending on the size of your filter but a good estimate is:

1/2 Cup DE per square feet of filter. Example: 48 sq ft = 24 cups DE 

The DE should be mixed with water in a bucket and should resemble a milky substance.  The mixture is then added to the skimmer with the pump running so it can be drawn into the filter. This allows the DE to be evenly distributed over the grids and should provide months of crystal clear water. 


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