Perlite Pool Filter Media

Perlite pool filter media is a lightweight, porous material used as an alternative to traditional diatomaceous earth due to its filtration quality. Its purpose is to trap and remove debris, impurities and fine particles that can end up in your pool during regular usage. It will keep the water clean and clear so anyone swimming in the pool will enjoy their swim knowing there are no unwanted particles floating around. 

perlite pool filter media

If you currently own a DE pool filter you're likely more than impressed with the quality of filtration it provides. Knowing that the impurities in your pool water are being filtered down to 5 microns in size provides a sense of satisfaction knowing that the water is ultra clean. If you're looking at trying out a different product with advantages over the traditional method, you may want to consider pool filter balls if you have a sand filter for your pool system.

How Perlite Pool Filter Media Works

Perlite pool filter media works through a process known as depth filtration, as the pool water flows through the media, several mechanisms come into play. Firstly, large debris and particles are physically trapped and prevented from moving further into the filtration system, including leaves, insects, hair and other visible contaminants. Due to it's high surface area and porous structure, it absorbs and retains smaller particles, including fine dirt, dust, pollen, and algae. The particles adhere to the surface of the perlite particles, effectively removing them from the water.

A secondary process occurs as water flows through the filter media, called a tortuous path. This causes particles to collide with and be intercepted by the perlite particles. The mechanism is particularly effective for capturing and removing mid-sized particles suspended in the water. The microscopic pores and cavities in the perlite act as additional filtration sites capturing and retaining very fine particles as small as 3-5 microns in all types of pool filters

Best Perlite Pool Filter Media

The best perlite pool filter media powder is designed to be used a replacement for typical DE filter media. The next time you replace your diatomaceous earth you may want to consider this option for all the benefits it provides. It's a safer alternative and since you'll require less of it, you'll be saving money as well. The filter quality will be second to none and you can count on an improved swimming experience. 

Perlite AquaPerl Filter Media

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best perlite pool filter media

Benefits of Perlite Pool Filter Media

The benefits of perlite pool filter media offer a few key advantages over traditional diatomaceous earth. In addition to enhanced filtration efficiency, longer filter cycles and energy savings you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Effectively removes fine dirt, dust, pollen, algae and other impurities for ultra-clear water.
  • High dirt-holding capacity which means it requires less backwashing and cleaning.
  • The lightweight nature allows for improved flow rates and reduced pressure on the pool pump.
  • Energy savings due to the decreased pool system operating times.
  • Perlite is mined with minimal environmental impact; it's non-toxic, reusable and recyclable.
  • It's chemically inert which means it won't react with pool chemicals or alter the chemistry.

Perlite Pool Filter Media Installation

We've put together a step by step guide for installing perlite filter media. The process is exactly the same as replacing the diatomaceous earth during the DE pool filter maintenance process except you'll be replacing it with perlite. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for recommendations as it relates to your pool and filter. 

  1. Ensure the pool pump is turned off and the power to the filtration system is switched off for safety.Close the pool's water intake valve to prevent water flow during the installation process.
  2. Locate the pool filter unit, typically a tank or housing that contains the filter media.Remove the filter tank lid or any components that provide access to the filter media.
  3. If there is existing filter media such as sand or diatomaceous earth (DE), carefully remove it from the filter tank as per the manufacturer's instructions. Clean out any remaining debris or residue from the tank.
  4. Select the appropriate grade of perlite filter media based on the manufacturer's recommendations and your specific pool filter system requirements. Calculate the required quantity of perlite based on the capacity of your pool filter tank. Refer to the manufacturer's guidelines or consult a pool professional if needed.
  5. Slowly pour the calculated amount of perlite filter media into the filter tank, being cautious not to spill or let it enter the pool water.Distribute the perlite evenly across the filter tank to ensure uniform coverage.
  6. Replace any filter elements or grids that were removed during the preparation stage, ensuring they are correctly positioned. Place the filter tank lid or components back in place and secure them according to the manufacturer's instructions, ensuring a tight seal.
  7. Turn on the pool pump and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for priming the pump if necessary. Allow the pump to run normally and monitor for any leaks or irregularities.
  8. If recommended by the manufacturer, perform a backwash and rinse cycle to remove any initial debris or dust from the perlite filter media. Follow the specific instructions provided for your pool filter system.
  9. Monitor the pressure gauge on the filter unit and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for regular maintenance, including backwashing or cleaning the filter when necessary. Regularly inspect the filter system for any signs of clogging, leaks, or other issues, and address them accordingly.

Perlite Pool Filter Media FAQs

How often should perlite pool filter media be replaced?

It typically lasts for several years but it's recommended to replace it every 3 to 5 years or when it becomes too compacted or ineffective.

Can perlite pool filter media be used with different types of pool filters?

Yes it is compatible with various types of pool filters including sand filters, cartridge filters and of course DE filters as long as the filter tank can accommodate the media. 

Is perlite pool filter media safe for use in swimming pools?

Yes it's safe for use in swimming pools, it's chemically inert, non-toxic and does not introduce any harmful substances or alter the water chemistry. 

How do I choose the right grade and size of perlite filter media for my pool?

The grade and size depends on the filter specifications and desired filtration efficiency. Refer to the manufacturer's guidelines or consult a pool professional. 

Where can I purchase perlite filter media for pools?

It can be purchased from various sources including pool supply stores, online retailers and specialty filtration suppliers. 


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