DE Pool Filters

DE pool filters are the highest performing filters that you can purchase for your salt water pool. They provide filtration down to a minuscule 5 microns which means they are extremely effective at keeping pool water clean and will produce immaculately clean water. When you combine the filtering power of diatomaceous earth with a salt water pool system you can be sure you are providing the cleanest and healthiest swimming environment for your family, friends or anyone that uses your pool.

de pool filters

A filter that uses diatomaceous earth is ideal for any residential swimming pool because they filter so well with light or moderate use. They can be a bit harder to maintain due to the backwashing if a pool experiences heavy usage like you would see in a community pool. If you consider your pool to fall into the high usage category you will likely want to consider a sand pool filter. Let's take a look at the top rated filters produced by the best pool brands in the world.

Best DE Pool Filters

When looking for the best DE filter there are some features that shouldn't be overlooked. These features will help you keep your pool cleaner throughout the year and make the task of maintaining a DE pool filter a lot easier than compared to other models. An handy pool owner should be able to backwash it on their own but in some cases, a professional may be required. It's important to note that in some municipalities, de filters are not permitted because of their environmental impact so be sure to check with your local by-law regulations. 

Pentair DE Pool Filter

Pentair is one of the leaders when it comes to producing quality pool filters and they have arguably the best on the market today. The patented design of their top of the line units minimizes flow restriction which means you can operate your pool system for shorter durations and ultimately lower utility costs. Pentair units can turnover up to 60,000 gallons in a single 8 hour cycle. The innovative design means you can maintain the filter in less time.

Pentair Vertical Grid DE Fiberglass Pool Filter

60 square foot reinforced DE inground pool filter. 

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pentair de pool filter

Hayward De Pool Filter

All Hayward De pool filters come with the assurance that they are built to perform and last. They bring industry leading patents that will provide increased efficiency and filtering power to any pool. All of their top of the line filters are manufactured with high-strength thermoplastics that have proven to be dependable and corrosion-free. An integrated check valve will ensure that when the pump is off no water will flow back in the system. 

Hayward Perflex DE Pool Filter

DE pool filter with patented Flex-tube design.

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hayward de pool filter

DE Pool Filters Usage

With average use they need to be backwashed every 4 to 8 weeks or when the pool begins to show signs of cloudiness. If a backwash is required within 3 to 4 weeks then then it could be a sign that the diatomaceous earth needs to be removed and replaced, assuming the pool chemistry is up to par. It can sometimes be difficult to tell when the filter is ready to be backwashed or cleaned but an average diatomaceous earth filter needs to be cleaned once or twice a year.  

The ultra high quality filtration unfortunately means they are not recommended for public or commercial swimming pools because of the high bather load. The filters would need to be cleaned and the diatomaceous earth replaced too often to make it feasible. In many cases the filters fill up with debris and ultimately lose their ability to filter effectively. If this occurs and isn't fixed, the pool can run for days, even weeks providing little or no filtration.


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