Sand Pool Filters

A sand pool filter is the most popular form of pool filtration and the most widely used among pool owners and professionals. This is due mainly because of their versatility and ease of use. They use sand to filter dirt and debris from your pool and reduces particulate down to 40 microns in size. Although not as efficient as de filters or cartridge filters they do a decent job of filtering while being affordable and low maintenance.

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Sand water filters are ideal for home swimming pools as well as pools that get used more frequently, such as a public pool in an apartment or a community centre pool. They are more practical in a heavily used pool because of the easy maintenance and longevity of the sand. Once the sand is backwashed it is almost as good as new and this process can be done over and over again. A sand filter is ideal for salt water pool systems because the salt content of the water can actually increase the longevity of the filter sand. 

Best Sand Pool Filters

The best sand pool filters on the market are designed with user-friendliness in mind with features such as top mount accessibility that make it easy to replace the filter sand. They provide maximum filtration with patented diffusers that ensure even distribution along the entire filtration area. You can count on corrosion-resistance materials that will last longer than other lower quality units that are priced accordingly.

Hayward Sand Pool Filter

As with all the pool hardware you can count on Hayward for producing top of the line products that meet or exceed customer expectations. They've relied on decades of production and customer feedback to come up with the most appealing options for pool owners. The simple design and high quality filtering capabilities make their filters an easy choice if you're looking for a reliable and long lasting filter. Keep your pool clean and clear of debris for many years with arguable the best sand pool filters money can buy.

Hayward ProSeries Top Mount Sand Pool Filter 

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Pentair Sand Pool Filter

If you're looking for a top rated sand pool filter you can count on Pentair to produce an industry leading product. They've taken their simple design to the next level and have made sand pool maintenance an easy task for any pool owner. With a special lateral design that provides superior flow characteristics and longer filter cycles you can count on reducing your pool operating costs significantly. The latest models make servicing and winterizing fast and easy so you can enjoy your pool more that ever before. 

Pentair Tagelus Top Mount Sand Pool Filter

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Sand Pool Filter Usage

A sand filter is the most cost effective and easy to use of all the salt water pool filters available on the market. The affordability of sand and the low cost to maintain are two of the main advantages. The main downside is the lower quality of filtration but most pool owners are more than satisfied with the filtration provided by a sand filter. If you want increased filtration quality you may want to consider a cartridge pool filter that doesn't require backwashing or a de pool filter with unmatched filtration capabilities.

With typical use of your pool you will need to run a backwash every two weeks when your pool begins to show signs of cloudiness or murkiness. Another indicator is if the pressure rises to 5 to 10 pounds above normal likely indicating there is too much debris obstructing the flow of water through the filter. If a sand filter backwash is required more frequently that usual you should consider changing the sand.

Sand Pool Filter FAQs

How often does a sand filter need to be backwashed?

With typical usage a sand pool filter needs to be backwashed every 1 to 2 weeks, or when the water loses its clarity.

What kind of sand do you use in a sand filter?

Filter sand filter media is made up of basic silica sand or graded silicone quartz that's specifically graded to filter out small debris from your pool. It's typically sold in 50 pound bags and labeled as pool filter sand.

How is pool filter sand different than regular sandbox sand?

Pool filter sand is coarser and smaller than sandbox sand. It's specifically manufactured to have rough edges instead of smooth edges to increase it's filtering capabilities. It's typically 0.5 millimeters in size compared to sandbox sand that's four times larger at 2.0 millimeters. 

How much space do I leave between the top of the sand and the top of the filter?

This space is referred to as the freeboard and it varies depending on your sand filter model. Always refer to your filter manual for recommended freeboard spacing. 

How often does sand need to be changed in a sand pool filter?

With average usage you should need to change the sand every 3 to 5 years. This is beyond the backwashing routine that takes place every 1 to 3 weeks during the pool season. When you notice that backwashing doesn't clear up your pool as well as it once did, it's likely time to change the sand in the filter. 

How many pounds of sand do I put in my sand filter?

The amount of sand varies depending on the size and operation of your filter. A typical 16 inch diameter sand filter will require about 100 pounds of pool sand, and for every added inch in diameter, add about 25 pounds of sand. Always refer to the manufacturers recommendations for your specific filter. 


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