Swimming Pool Cartridge Filters

Swimming pool cartridge filters are the most common units used in residential pool today because of their filter quality, upfront cost and low maintenance. They filter dirt and debris down to a level that's second only to a de filter, but better than a sand filter. They will provide clean and clear water all season long with very little maintenance or upkeep which makes them an attractive option for salt water pool owners. 

swimming pool cartridge filters

The water in your pool will be kept clean for everyone to enjoy with very little maintenance which means you'll enjoy your pool more and spend less time maintaining it. The filter will keep your pool clean anytime your pool system is running but there are some things to keep in mind to keep it operating at peak efficiency. While sand filters and de filters both require a frequent backwash a cartridge filter does not. In addition they are the most affordable option and are slowly replacing sand as the salt water pool filter of choice. 

Best Cartridge Pool Filters

The best cartridge pool filters on the market today have been designed with reduced energy consumption in mind. When thinking about energy usage most pool owners think about the cost of heating their pool, but a quality filter that's maintained properly will reduce your energy consumption substantially. With no backwashing or wasted water they are also a great choice for the environment and as water consumption becomes more of an issue these filters are here to stay. 

Hayward Cartridge Pool Filter

A Hayward pool filter is still the best when it comes to overall performance and quality. They have been an industry leader for decades and there are many reasons why they have continued to produce the best filtration money can buy. The economical performance of the SwimClear series is unmatched with their low operating costs combined with excellent filtration capabilities. You can count on a filter that's low maintenance, durable and easy to use which makes it appealing for pool owners around the world. 

Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Pool Filter

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hayward cartridge filter

Pentair Cartridge Pool Filter

A close competitor for the best swimming pool cartridge filters is the Pentair Clean and Clear series. They come standard with a high quality tank and built-in pressure gauge to keep an eye on the pool system pressure. The pressure gauge makes it easy to keep an eye on your systems water flow so you can clean the filter as required. The high standard of quality and reliability make these units a great choice for anyone that wants reliable filtration.

Pentair Clean and Clear Inground Pool Cartridge Filter

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pentair cartridge filter

Xtremepower Cartridge Pool Filter

The XtremepowerUS Pro series is a relatively new addition to the swimming pool cartridge filters market. You can count on all the features you'd expect in the top of the line filters including filtration down to 10 microns. They are perfect for removing large and small debris which makes them perfect for any small or medium sized pool. The design allows for easy maintenance and cleaning without the mess of some other units. 

XtremepowerUS Pro-Series Cartridge Filter System for Inground Pools

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xtremepower cartridge filter

Swimming Pool Cartridge Filter Usage

You will need to perform pool cartridge filter maintenance once or twice a year depending on your pool bather load and system run times. The process of cleaning the cartridges is a simple process that can be carried out by any handy pool owner that's willing to put a bit of time and effort into the process. The cartridges can be cleaned with a garden hose or similar and should last years before needing replacement.

Cartridge filters are not recommended for public or commercial pools that have high usage because the filters will need to be cleaned or replaced too often. It's common for these filters to collect debris and lose their effectiveness without the owner knowing for several days or weeks with pools that have a really high bather load. Keeping an eye on the built-in pressure gauge will provide you with an indicator that it's time to clean the cartridges.

The filtration quality is very comparable to a de pool filter without the hassle of having to backwash regularly or replace the diatomaceous earth. The initial upfront cost is also comparable with de but significantly less than sand. Overall they are a great choice for the average residential pool owner with average bather loads and typical pump run times.

Swimming Pool Cartridge Filter FAQs

How often does a cartridge pool filter need to be cleaned?

In a typical residential swimming pool the cartridges need to be cleaned every one to two months. This can be done by removing the filters and spraying them off with a garden hose.

Do cartridge filters need to be backwashed?

Unlike sand and diatomaceous earth filtration, cartridge filters don't need to be backwashed. This makes for a lot quicker and easier maintenance when compared to the other filter options, in addition to wasting less water. 

How does a cartridge pool filter compare to a D.E pool filter?

When comparing cartridge filters to D.E. filters the main difference is the filter quality. A cartridge filter catches particles down to 10 to 20 microns while a D.E. filter will catch particles down to 5 microns in size.

How does a cartridge pool filter compare to a sand pool filter?

A cartridge pool filter will catch particulate down to 10 microns while a sand filter only gets down to about 70 microns or higher when it's dirty. 

What is the most economical type of pool filtration?

A cartridge filter is the most budget-friendly option because they can operate on reduced pump run times and require less pool water flow pressure. 

How long will a cartridge pool filter last?

A typical cartridge pool filter will last 5 to 10 years with proper maintenance. The cartridges themselves will need to be cleaned every month to maintain peak operating efficiency.

How much do cartridge pool filters cost?

The cost of a cartridge pool filter starts at about $500 and ranges up to about $1,200 for an inground pool.


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