Swimming Pool Cartridge Filters

Swimming pool cartridge filters are excellent systems that provide filtration that will keep your salt water pool sparkling clean and inviting.  All dirt and debris down to 10 microns in size will be removed from your pool.  The quality of filtration is comparable to diatomaceous earth filters that provide 5 micron filtration so you can be sure to dive into clean and clear water every time. 

swimming pool cartridge filtersHayward Easy-Clear Pump and Filter System

The water in your swimming pool will be kept clean for everyone to enjoy with very little maintenance.  The filters will do keep your pool clean when your pump is running, resulting in more time to spend enjoying your pool and less time worrying about keeping it clean.  They are ideal for residential swimming pools and pools that don't get excessive amounts of use. 

Sand filters and de filters both require a frequent backwash - a cartridge filter does not.  They are the most affordable option and are becoming the most common form of filtration for home swimming pool, slowly replacing sand as the filter of choice. 

With average use of your pool you will only need to clean the filters once or twice a year.  Cleaning the cartridges can be done by most pool owners with a bit of time and effort.  The cartridges can be cleaned with a garden hose or similar and should last years before needing replacement.  If you want to tackle this on your own check out our page dedicated to pool filter cartridge cleaning for information on cleaning and replacement cartridges. 

Swimming Pool Cartridge Filters Application

Cartridge filters are not recommended for public or commercial pools that have high usage.  The filters will need to be cleaned or replaced too often making it very high maintenance.  Often these filters collect debris and lose their effectiveness without the owner knowing for several days or weeks

Salt water pool owners will be very happy with the quality of filtration provided by swimming pool cartridge filters.  It is very comparable to a de filter without the hassle of having to backwash regularly or replace the diatomaceous earth.  The initial upfront cost is a bit more than other filters but in the long run you can count of saving money and time.

Swimming pool cartridge filters are usually sold in multi packs for a very affordable price.  The size and and type varies and are often specific to one type of cartridge filter so be sure to double check the type and model of your filter to be sure they are compatible.  The affordability makes it a great choice and adds to the overall savings of a salt water pool system.


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