Pool Safety for Kids

Pool safety for kids and toddlers is something that every pool owner should put a lot of time and thought into.  Everyone enjoys swimming and it's the parents responsibility to ensure that steps are taken to ensure the safety of their pool.

pool safety for kids

If you own a swimming pool the layered approach to safety will add peace of mind and security knowing that your children, the neighbors or anyone that has access to your pool are safe from drowning or entrapment while using the pool.  Adult supervision should always be present and when you can't be at your pool there are steps you can take to ensure it can't be accessed by curious children. 

We've put together some safety tips and guidelines to ensure your pool is safe and can be enjoyed for children of all ages.  It's important to remember that nothing is more important than adult supervision when children are present and all accidents occur when they weren't expected. 

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Pool Safety Guidelines

It's estimated that nearly 300 children under the age of 5 drown in residential pools and spas every year.  Submersion and entrapment incidents number in the thousands that result in permanent disabilities or brain damage.  Ensuring pool safety for kids should include the following security layers for your pool that include:

  • Perimeter fencing at least 4 fee tall
  • Self-closing and self-latching access gates
  • Adequate drain covers 
  • Installation of a door alarm from the house or gate
  • Use of a safety cover for your pool or spa
  • Life saving equipment such as a life ring, rope or pole

In addition to these devices there are steps you can take to ensure your children are equipped to enjoy swimming and prevent accidents. 

There are various swimming courses or classes that are fun and will improve your child's swimming skills and increase the odds that they will enjoy the pool in a safe manner.  Whether its a course on improving skills or pool education in general they are a great idea for children that swim regularly. 

Adult Education and Prevention

As the adult it is your responsibility to ensure your childs safety when using your swimming pool.  It's a great idea to arm yourself with the knowledge and skills to deal with an emergency.  Here are some of things you can do as a parent and pool owner:

  • Learn how to perform CPR on children and adults
  • Understand the basics of life saving and pool emergencies
  • Never leave children unattended
  • Keep children away from drains and pipes
  • Keep a phone close by in case of emergencies
  • If a child is missing check the pool first
  • Educate family, friends and neighbours about pool safety

Always use common sense when thinking about pool safety for children.  A child can drown in as little as 4 inches of water and it always happens when there isn't an adult around.  Portable pools can become a hazard so it's a good idea to empty them when they aren't being used or put them in a fenced area. 

Pool Safety for Kids Summary

Pool safety for kids is the responsibility of the parents and adults and isn't limited to your own children.  Any child that uses your pool or could have access is at risk. If you have any doubt it's worth taking the extra steps to ensure you have several layers of security for your pool. 

A child safety pool fence is the best layer of safety you can provide.  They are often regulated by local laws so be sure to check that you are within guidelines and regulations.  A fence around your pool can save a childs life and prevent accidental drownings. 

A self locking and latching gate will ensure that the fenced perimeter of your pool is secure.  Adding a pool alarm system will alert the owner if a child enters the pool area when they shouldn't be.  Other options like signs, lighting, cameras and safety covers will provide added security and peace of mind and will help improve your overall approach to pool safety for kids. 


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