Solar Pool Rings

Solar pool rings are an innovative device designed to harness the power of the sun and improve heating efficiency of swimming pools. They are typically made of lightweight, UV resistant materials and consist of an inflatable circular ring with a flexible, transparent covering. As the rings float on the surface of the pool water they help heat the pool naturally using energy from  the captured heat. As the sunlight passes through the ring it warms the water and the insulating properties minimize heat loss through evaporation. 

solar pool rings

One of the advantages of sun rings is due to their light weight they are easy to install and remove from the pool as needed. The large size, typically 5 feet in diameter, allows them to cover a large area of your pool and some have connectors that allow the user to link the rings together to provide a large area of solar collectors. The downside is they can be a bit time-consuming to retrieve and place before and after each time you use the pool. 

Do Solar Pool Rings Work?

Solar pool rings do work but there are limits to the amount of heat they transfer to pool water. They can be an effective and eco-friendly way to heat a swimming pool, but the effectiveness will vary depending on factors such as the size of the pool, amount of direct sunlight the they receive and the ambient air temperature. In regions with plenty of sunlight and warmer temperatures, they can significantly contribute to heating the pool water. 

It's common for pool owner's to underestimate the amount of rings required which can lead to disappointment with the rings performance. An average pool will need 10 to 12, 5 foot diameter rings to create a noticeable affect on the water temperature. It's important to note that solar pool rings are not meant to replace traditional pool heaters like solar panels, heat pumps or gas heaters. They are designed to supplement other heating options by enhancing the pool heating process and reduce energy consumption.

Best Pool Solar Rings

The best pool solar rings are made of high quality materials that are resistant to constant exposure to the suns ultra-violet rays as well as salt and chemicals in pool water. Since they are inflatable it's important that materials are used that will resist puncturing or wear that is sustained often through the process of placing and removing them. Pool decks and other abrasive surfaces can potentially cause damage, that a quality pool solar ring will withstand. 

Solar Pool Cover Rings

Solar pool cover rings are composed of two sheets of UV resistant vinyl that convert solar energy into free heat that will increase the temperature of the water over time. The amount of rings directly relates to the overall warming. The rings also act as a solar cover blanket to retain heat at night and reduce evaporation of pool water. The process of preventing evaporation will help reduce heating costs, if you are using an alternate heater as well as reduce pool chemical costs.

These sun rings come with water anchors for added stability and added weight for windy or adverse weather conditions. They are compatible with automatic pool cleaners and not negatively affected by salt or chlorine systems. The rings are easy to clean with a mild cleaning solution of vinegar, pine cleaner and water. Deflate and store them out of direct sunlight as items can overheat and melt that are directly below due to the solar magnification. 

Solar Pool Rings UV Resistant for Inground Pools

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Solar Sun Rings 10 Pack

Solar sun rings are a passive solar pool heating device that's constructed of two layers of UV resistant vinyl. The upper clear layer directs the suns solar energy to the bottom layer that absorbs and converts about half the sunlight into heat for the pool water. The remaining energy filters through into the water to produce more heat. The warming discs also act as a blanket for the water, preventing heat loss during the cooler evening hours. Each disc has 6 magnets that are used to connect multiple rings together. 

Solar Sun Rings 5' Round Pool Heaters

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solar sun rings

Solar Pool Flowers

Solar pool flowers are a new alternative to pool rings that have a few distinct advantages. The operate in the same way in that they float on the surface of the pool water, converting solar energy into low levels of heat. They require direct sunlight and their effectiveness is increased with multiple units. The flowers tend to be more resilient to adverse weather conditions because they fill with water, which acts as a ballast to hold the flowers in place. Their small size, approximately 22 inches, makes them easier to handle, and they don't need to be inflated. 

Solar Pool Flowers Rainbow Colors Pack of 12

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Solar Pool Ring Alternatives

An alternative to solar pool rings is to use a solar cover blanket that has a few distinct advantages. A solar cover can be cut to the exact size of your pool to create a blanket for the entire pool surface. This will ensure that anytime the cover in place, it will optimize the amount of water evaporation that can occur. In addition, it will have a similar affect of retaining pool heat and a subtle amount of heat will be produced if it's in place during days with lots of direct sunlight. A cover will provide more surface area for solar heating to occur versus partial coverage of rings.

Blue Wave Solar Blanket for Inground Pools 

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solar cover blanket 2023

Solar Pool Rings FAQs

How do solar pool rings work?

The rings capture solar energy and transfer it to the pool water as it passes through the transparent covering that acts as a solar collector. The air inside the inflated ring acts as an insulating layer, minimizing heat loss through evaporation.

How many solar pool rings do I need for my pool?

The number of rings needed depends on the size of the pool. As a general rule it's recommended to have one solar ring per 10 to 15 square feet of pool surface area.

How do I maintain solar pool rings?

Regular maintenance is important for optimal performance, this includes cleaning the rings periodically to remove debris that can accumulate on the surface. 

Can solar sun rings replace traditional pool heating systems?

While sun rings can be an effective way to enhance pool heating and reduce energy consumption, they are not meant to entirely replace other conventional heating methods. They are a great supplementary solution that will heat a pool very gradually over time under the right conditions. 


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