Swimming Pool Ladders

Swimming pool ladders are an important part of any pool because they provide a way for users to get in and out safely and comfortably.  All pools have a ladder or steps but they are often not given very much thought about their function and how much they are relied upon.  In a salt water pool there are a few things you should look for that we'll discuss below. 

swimming pool laddersHydro Tools 3-Step Stainless Steel Ladder

All ladders have their benefits and are designed for a certain type of pool or specific purpose.  A stainless steel ladder or step is the most basic ladder that provides a simple means of stepping in and out of an inground swimming pool.  They are stylish and require virtually no maintenance once installed with the added benefit of a long lasting finish that won't degrade or rust over time. 

Most ladders attach to your pool deck and can be removed during winterizing by simply pulling them out of the casing that is bolted to the deck.  It's a good idea to remove them in the winter so they don't rust or age prematurely.  In recent years there has been advances in composite materials that will never chip off, degrade and won't conduct heat during the hot summer months. 

An A-frame pool ladder is a great above ground pool ladder designed for stability and safety that is perfect for above ground swimming pools Pool owners with small children can provide an extra layer of safety with the fold up mechanism or locking gate. The gate makes the ladder un-climbable when you want to keep children out of the pool.

Swimming Pool Ladders for Accessibility

If children or seniors use your pool frequently there are pool steps available that have safety and ease of use in mind.  They are made with extra large steps, handrails that run the full length of the step and feature anti-entrapment frames.  Slips and falls are greatly reduced and it goes without saying that safety should be a priority.

It's important to assess your needs and take an overall look at your salt water swimming pool setup.  The right ladder will make a world of difference and increase the overall enjoyment of you pool for years to come.

Swimming pool ladders are available in a variety of sturdy materials including steel, fiberglass and rugged plastic.  There are also a variety of sizes, styles and shapes with each serving a unique function.  They will vary in almost every aspect including: height, color, stair width and size of handrail.  It is really easy to find one that looks good and works with your salt water pool.


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