Swimming Pool Solar Cover

A swimming pool solar cover or blanket is the most affordable and energy efficient cover you can use with your residential salt water pool.  It is lightweight and floats on the surface keeping debris out while keeping water and heat in your pool.  They are easy to use either by rolling onto a pool solar cover reel placed at the end of your pool or by folding and storing away.

swimming pool solar cover

It is called a solar cover because it uses the energy from the sun and transfers it to your pool.  A solar blanket used during a warm sunny day can raise the temperature of your pool significantly over a short period of time.  When used at night it acts as a blanket to keep heat in the pool, reducing heating costs and evaporation.

A transparent swimming pool solor cover will transfer less solar energy from the sun and an opaque cover transfers even less energy, up to 40%.  This is useful for pools in the southern states that want to prevent the pool from over heating during the hot summer days.

Swimming Pool Solar Cover Applications

A floating pool cover is very versatile and can be used with almost any size or shape of pool.  They are made of a lightweight plastic (polyethylene or polypropylene) that is usually treated with an ultraviolet inhibitor to increase lifespan.  The plastic can be easily cut to the unique shape of your pool.  Ensure that you leave an inch or two to spare to prevent any exposed areas.

Evaporation is the primary source of heat loss from your pool. A properly fitted solar pool cover will save you up to 85% of your heating costs when used regularly.

It is important to realize that a solar blanket is not a safety pool cover and can actually create an added danger if a child was to enter the pool with the cover on.  Ensure there other swimming pool safety devices in place to prevent a child or pet from entering the pool area unexpectedly.  This can include a fenced barrier or a secure and locking gate with an alarm.

A swimming pool solar cover is an affordable solution to keeping debris out of your pool with the added benefit of helping off set heating costs.  They are easily the most affordable cover option available and for some pool owners and applications it is all that's needed for their pool especially in the case of above ground pools.  You will want to consider a solar cover reel for easy removal of your pool cover. 

If you are looking for a cover to provide safety for your pool a loop lock or mesh cover should be considered that fastens to the pool deck and won't allow children or unwanted pets in the pool water and help prevent accidental drowning. 

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