Salt Water Pools and Spas

Salt water pools and spas are recognized around the world as the best choice for a naturally healthy swimming experience. 

If you want to create an awe-inspiring, crystal clear swimming pool and spend less time and money doing it, a salt water system is the answer. A silky smooth, gentle and environmentally friendly pool can be achieved when you convert your existing pool in as little as 20 minutes - and you don't have to be a handyman. 

Whether you already own a salt water pool or are part of the growing number of people who are considering upgrading to a salt water pool system, we can help get you started. Check out our salt water conversion page to learn how millions of pool owners are making the switch.

Benefits of Salt Water Pools

The benefits of salt water pools are revolutionizing the swimming pool industry and we're going to tell you about them. It all starts with eliminating the chlorine chemical and substituting it for natural pool salt. 

You will never have to transport chlorine or have to deal with the painstaking hassle of adding the appropriate amount of chemicals on a regular basis. It's a great choice when you consider you are saying good bye to a harsh chemical and making a choice to use normal table salt - that usually only needs to be added once a year. 

Salt water is a lot more stable and balanced than regular chlorinated water. This results in less time spent worrying about the chemistry in your pool. Most salt chlorine generators are equipped with sensors that read and maintain levels automatically so you won't have to.

Red and irritated eyes will be a thing of the past. Itchy and dry skin will instead feel clean and refreshed. Green hair and faded swimsuits just won't happen. A salt water pool system will make swimming a more enjoyable experience and a healthy one!

How Salt Water Chlorination Works

Salt water is very stable and creates an environment that is difficult for bacteria and germs to survive. After all that's how mother nature created the oceans. There is a main difference between the ocean and the water in salt water swimming pools - it's the amount of salt or salt concentration.

The salt concentration or salinity of the pool will be roughly 3,000 parts per million (ppm). The ocean is roughly 35,000 ppm and the salinity of a human tear drop is 6,000 ppm. Most salt water pool owners can't taste this low level of salt but still feel the benefits of the naturally softened water that is closer to the pH of your skin and eyes.

So how does it work exactly - you might be surprised at how simple it is. The salt water is circulated through your pool the way it normally would be with any pool but with the addition of a salt chlorine generator. As salt water travels through the generator, it constantly generates low levels of free chlorine and keeps your pool free of bacteria and algae. 

The free chlorine destroys any harmful bacteria and algae and once it has done its job - it converts back into salt water where the process can be repeated over and over! You can see why low maintenance and user friendly are words often associated with a saltwater swimming pools.

Converting to Salt Water

The cost of converting to salt water is a lot less than you might think. The only thing you need to add to an existing swimming pool is a salt water chlorine generator - this is where the magic happens. 

The existing system in a regular chlorine pool shouldn't have to be altered in any way and will run smoothly with the addition of a salt water system. In most cases it will actually increase the life of your existing equipment because of the lower, more natural levels of chlorine.

Some units require some minor plumbing alterations while others require only a drill and basic tools and can be completed by most pool owners. The money you will save by not purchasing chlorine tabs and other chemicals adds up and pays for the chlorine generator in as little as one year. 

The cost of a chlorine generator varies based on manufacturer and model but you can expect to pay between $1000 - $2000 for a unit. They are sized based on pool gallonage so be sure to find one that's right for your pool. In the heart of the chlorine generator is the salt water cell. The cell will need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years depending on a few different variables. 

The only other expense will be the cost of salt that can be added right into your existing chlorine pool water. Once the proper salinity level is reached you should only have to add salt at the beginning of every season. Salt does not evaporate and need replacing like chlorine does. 

No Chlorine

  • No purchasing chlorine tabs every month
  • No handling a hazardous material
  • No red, stinging eyes or irritated skin
  • No potent smell of chlorine

We believe that salt water pools are the future in swimming pool sanitization. All the benefits and the affordability make it an unbelievably great choice for any existing pool owner. We have helped many pool owners make the switch and are proud to be your source for everything related to salt water pools and spas.

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