Salt Water Above Ground Pool

A salt water above ground pool is an excellent option whether you are purchasing a brand new pool or want to upgrade your existing above ground pool to saltwater.  All the benefits of salt water technology including silky soft water, reduced chemical balancing and low maintenance are attainable with a salt system specifically designed for above ground pools.  

salt water above ground pool

It's never been easier or more affordable to have a salt water pool in your backyard.  If you already have an existing pool the only thing you will need is to add a filter and salt system which are usually sold together for added convenience and compatibility.

We'll discuss how to convert your existing above ground pool to salt water below including how much you can expect to spend on a new system including maintenance. 

The biggest decision you will have to make before enjoying your salt water above ground pool is deciding what kind of salt system to use.  If you purchase a complete pool set with filter pump and salt water system you won't have to worry about compatibility but if you are converting your existing pool you will need to get a good idea of the size of system you require, which we will also discuss below in more detail. 

There are numerous above ground pool accessories that are designed specifically for above ground applications.  These include practical additions like a heater if you live in a cooler climate and want to extend your pool season or a ladder for increased accessibility.  The addition of a pool slide or tranquil pool lighting will provide endless hours of fun and enjoyment that combined with a salt system is going to make your pool a great place to spend the day in the sun. 

Salt Water Above Ground Pool Kits 

Above ground pools offer the flexibility of being suitable for almost any backyard and with the variety of shapes and sizes it ensures a fit almost anywhere.  Whether it's tucked away in a quiet corner or attached to an elaborate deck the versatility makes them a better choice for some home owners whether it's due to space limitation, affordability or versatility.  

Salt systems designed specifically for above ground pools are very affordable when compared to salt water systems for inground pools.  Above ground salt water pools cost approximately 80% less than inground pools when comparing systems, maintenance and accessories.

If you already have a pool you have two options when considering a new saltwater system.  The easiest is to purchase a salt system and filter combo and the other option is to purchase a salt chlorination system separately from the pump and filter.  It's very common to find pump and filter combinations for above ground pools which makes it a lot easier for pool owners.  The only other determination you need to make is ensuring the system is adequate for your pool size. 

If you haven't purchased an above ground pool there are pool sets or kits that make it even easier to have your own salt water above ground pool.  The pool kit packages take all the guesswork out of compatibility and sizing so you can simply set up and enjoy.  We've put together step by step instructions for converting a pool to salt water that you might find useful when setting up your pool for the first time. 

The ultimate in convenience is a complete above ground salt water pool kit that has everything you need to get your pool up and running.  The include the saltwater system, ladder, cloth, cover, maintenance kit and surface skimmer.  The only thing you will need to purchase separately is pool salt that needs to be added once when first starting your pool and balancing chemicals. 

Above ground pools are relatively easy to assemble and most don't require any tools to set up.  The easy set up and assembly allows for increased portability if you are renting or want to take the pool with you when you move.  Above ground pools are easier to clean and maintain than inground swimming pools and if you want more information about balancing water chemistry be sure to visit our salt water pool maintenance page. 

Salt Water Above Ground Pool System and Filter Combinations

If you already own an above ground pool you can purchase the salt system, pump and filter separately depending what your existing pool set up already has equipped.  The combination below are rated for pools up to a certain gallonage so be sure to purchase a system that can filter and chlorinate your pool adequately. 

Salt Water Above Ground Pool Accessories

A salt water above ground pool just isn't complete without some of the accessories that are available.  If you want more information about any of the many options on the market today be sure to follow the links below.  We've got information about products like heaters, robot vacuums and lighting as well as some great advice for adding some fun with a pool slide. 

above ground filter pump

Above Ground Pool Pumps

The pump is what circulates water through you pool and salt water system. A pump and filter combo designed for above ground pools is smaller and operates on less electricity than an inground pump. 

above ground heater

Above Ground Pool Heaters

If you live in a colder climate and want to extend your swimming season there are many great heating options available. Since above ground pools are generally smaller in size and volume it's going to be a bit easier to heat your pool.

above ground vacuum

Above Ground Pool Vacuums 

A vacuum designed for above ground pools is essential to keeping it clean all season long. Part of a creating that perfect salt water above ground pool is keeping it crystal clean and a good vacuum cleaner will get the job done. 

above ground ladders

Above Ground Ladders

An above ground pool ladder allows for easy accessibility whether it's from the ground or a pool deck. A good ladder should be sturdy and allow for safe entry and exiting from your pool. 

above ground step

Above Ground Steps

If a ladder doesn't do the trick you could consider steps for accessibility. Whether the steps are used inside the pool or outside there are many options. It's also a good idea to keep safety in mind if you have children or pets.

above ground cover

Above Ground Covers

If you've waited for your pool to heat up for days and want to keep it warm a cover will help keep a lot of that heat in during the cooler nighttime hours. It will also keep dirt and debris out of your pool. 

above ground lights

Above Ground Lighting

If you want to enjoy your pool into the nighttime hours or want to create a unique look above ground lighting will allow you to be creative with the added benefit of adding safety to your pool. 

above ground pool water slide

Above Ground Slides

The ultimate in fun for salt water above ground pools is a water slide. A slide designed for your above ground pool will provide hours of fun and enjoyment. A slide may require an attached deck. 

above ground liner

Above Ground Pool Liners

If you are in the market for an above ground pool liner there are few options just be sure to measure your pool and find a replacement that fits your pool to avoid any issues. 

Salt Water Above Ground Pool Maintenance

At the start of any pool season there are a few steps that need to be followed to ensure you create a healthy and enjoyable pool. If you are new to salt water systems be sure to check out our above ground pool opening page tips and advice from our pool experts. 

At the end of the season a proper pool closing routine will save you a lot of time in the spring when it's time to start enjoying your salt water above ground pool again.  If you want more information with step by step instructions on how to clean your salt water above ground pool be sure to read our winterizing above ground pool page. 

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